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[IC] WSPBT Senkou | 28 May - colour samples

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GL with IC, I mostly never made an asuna yet with my SAO line due to just being so close to basic white and red sets. I do hope I was wrong and this sells nicely.

I will say you are taking a major risk with the Aincrad novelty and the straight up asuna deskmat.

Again, Good luck with IC I will be skipping asuna with my set line because I dont think I can do better then this :)

Maybe not aligned with the theme, but I think this set would look better with matching red alphas instead of white. GLWIC

5 May 2023 updates:

Minor kitting updates:

* Moved R1 End and PgDn from Base to Numpad kit.
* Included extra Backspace and Tab in Latin Alphas kit.
* Removed 1 1.25u bar from Spacebars kit.
Currently obtaining samples from Wuque - expected to take a bit of time as Labour Day holiday just ended in China.

Pricing will be announced after samples / colours are confirmed.

28 May Update:

Logistics took a bit more time than expected - finally have the colour samples!

The room lighting / outdoors photos are taken by friend using camera; the direct sunlight photos are taken by me using phone camera.

Room lighting

Outdoors - overcast, no direct sunlight

Direct sunlight

Pricing and vendors will be announced in due course.


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