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[IC] the oc-62 keyboard | price, dates, streams finalized (6/6/23)

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   ++current status/recent updates++
Hi hi hi hi, we're moving ahead with the group buy for this board.

To summarize:

Group buy begins June 17th, closes June 30th or if we reach cap, whatever comes first.

Pricing starts at $390. Colorways confirmed Silver, Blackberry, Limestone. WKL/HHKB only.

More details below and new pictures and info in the discord!

Captain Sterling: Wednesday June 7th, 9PM EDT
StarfirePenguin: Thursday June 8th, 11:30PM EDT

O C - 6 2

hello geekhack readers,

Welcome to the OC IC. I am synthetics. You may or may not recognize me from doing a render, from various discord communities, or from these forums where I occasionally post to tell people their stuff is cool or to just make fun of Ankit. In any case, nice to see you again or meet you.

My friend Bowl and I have recently designed a keyboard that we hope you might enjoy. It's called OC-62. It's a humble 60% board with some nice features you can read about below. While there's certainly a long and interesting history to this design, I don't believe it's prudent to waste your time with a ton of OC lore here, so let's just get into the details:

IC Form:

   ++details & features++
custom 60% mechanical keyboard
anodized 6063 aluminum top and bottom case
5052 aluminum full plate (plus other options potentially)
large sandblasted copper bar weight (materials tbd copper only)
modified 5-tab leaf-spring "o-ring sandwich" mount (think F1/2, but on 5 smaller tabs)
designed for compatibility with bb60/h60 pcb footprint
optional newly upgraded bb60 pcb from sleepdealer (QMK/VIAL)
7.2 degree typing angle
17.6mm adjusted front height / 22.39mm ekh
~1.6kg built (with copper)
dramatic side profile and accent seam
hidden internal cable routing
cleverly integrated screwless ez-mate S1 daughterboard

   ++tentative sale info++
format: fcfs group buy
date: june 17, 2023 - june 30, 2023
vendor: (worldwide)
layouts: wkl & mx hhkb
colors: blackberry, limestone, silver
target price: low $4xx, tbd $390
units: ~50 (moq), cap a bit higher roughly double if demand exists
estimated lead time: ~6 months from gb close
**this is all tentative and subject to changes**

renders and proto pictures by me  :thumb:
          ... More

the best place to follow the project is on the bowlanci platoon discord server:
all updates will be posted in the oc-62 channel so if you're interested, grab the oc-62 role on the server and stay tuned

IC Form:

   ++past updates & changelog++
 ... Morev2 prototypes ordered - april 18, 2023

the v1 prototypes came out great in our opinion. only a few minor changes to make for the next proto round, most of which are probably overkill:
- slimmed side bezels slightly
- updated case seam aesthetics
- altered cable routing channel for less hassle
- refined oring sandwich mount compression and cutouts
- redesigned weight engraving
- changed height and shape of internal cuts slightly
- designed and testing cf, pc, pp plates
- designed and testing custom molded solution to replace the standard oring strips with the goal of easier assembly

we ordered units in each of the planned production colors and those are due to be completed in roughly 6-8 weeks (from the order date). if everything goes according to plan then we’ll get those sent out to a couple content creators for some nice pictures, build streams, sound tests and reviews as soon as we can.

v2 modifications completed - april 15, 2023
v1 prototypes delivered - april 7, 2023
v1 prototypes ordered - february 17, 2023
v1 designs completed - february 12, 2023
finished original design drawing - december 12, 2022
idea conceived - november 30, 2022

   ++credit where credit due++
 ... Moremr bowl - thanks for helping make this fever dream a reality, believing in (most of) my ideas, helping me learn to cad, and putting up with my clinically insane compulsive perfectionist tendencies. and many other things. muchas gracias amigo. was a pleasure working together on this.
mr geon - for generally being a hero to the hobby and for opening my eyes to the beauty of these types of mounts.
miss rebecca - actually the goat.
sleepdealer - :IHeardYouNeedAPCB:
chris and wiredin - for believing in the design and giving us a genuine platform to potentially get it onto people's desks.
ankit, ben, lance, jone, kajahtaa, rizma, starfirepenguin, unusual, user - your input and enthusiasm for this project is very much appreciated and has helped give me motivation to get this all together. thank you guys.

   ++questions & answers++
Why is it called OC-62? The OC part… iykyk, otherwise whatever you want it to mean. 62 comes from it being a 60% and my 2nd board design, thus 60-2 but 62 was weirder so I chose that. Originally planned to give it a different “real” name but people started using this one, it stuck and here we are.

Will you please offer a WK version? Maybe. We want to keep the SKUs low so we’re trying not to add 3 additional SKUs for WK in every color, but fill out the IC form and we’ll see how many of you are out there before we make a final call.

Is ISO supported? The case supports it, the plate does not. We will release ISO compatible plate files however, so if you need to you can get one cut.

Any hotswap avail? The PCB we’re selling is solder only, but the board is compatible with a number of hotswap capable PCBs, like hiney’s HS H60 for example.

Love the mounting system.

I love it

Also plate file after GB and no PCB is perfect for me


Glwic synthetics! Has been fun seeing this materialize over the last couple of months, can’t wait to get one for myself :cool:

Really like this! Think I need that limestone in my life! Glwic!


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