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[IC] Teton 78 - 68XT | Group Buy Live!!

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Teton 78 - 68 XT | Group Buy Live!!

Group Buy is live from July 7th - 28th:
IC is below the sale details.

Sale Info:

        - Layout: 68 XT
        - Mounting: Top Mount
        - Typing Angle: 6.5 degrees
        - Front Height: 16.61mm
        - EKH: 21.31 (Pictured below if you're interested)
        - Case: 6063 Aluminum Sandblasted and Anodized
        - Weight: Brass Sandblasted + Clear Coat or Polished + Clear Coat (Not sandblasted pictured)
        - PCB: Solder 1.6mm and Hotswap 1.6mm both no flex cuts using C5 Unified DB and JST-JST cable | QMK and VIA support
        *Updated solder with more compatibility, created a hotswap PCB. Working on order as of 4/5/2024 Ordered
        - Weight: ~2.2 kg or 4.85 lbs built (not entirely accurate, need to get a better scale)
        - Plates: Brass, Aluminium, FR4
        - SKUF Feet in Black or White
        - Sales Format: Group Buy
        - Units: 30 MOQ
        - Sale will be sold and fulfilled myself - website will be attached in the group buy post.

The goal for this project at an MOQ of 100 MOQ of 30 (If there is more interest maybe 50) is $375 Update: will likely be cheaper, MOQ is 30

The final price will range from $320 - $365 for the Keyboard. Extras can be purchased additionally.

     1x 6063 Aluminum anodized top case in either Light Blue or Brown
     1x 6063 Aluminum anodized bottom case in Silver natural anodization
     1x Aluminum or FR4 plate   -  +$15 for Brass Plate
     1x Brass Engraved Sandblasted weight  -  +$15 for Polished weight
     1x Solder  -  +$15 for Hotswap PCB
     1x C5 Unified DB and JST-JST cable
     1x Carrying case
     6x Feet (2 Extra)
     1x Bag of Screws (Extras included)


Final colors will be Light Blue and Brown for the top case both with a Siver bottom case. Extra top cases will be available for +$175.

Picture of the Light blue color:

Renders of the Brown color:

PCB Layouts
Solder Layout Compatibility:

Hotswap Layout Compatibility:

Keyboard Height Details:

Interested? Join the discord for more frequent updates
IC Link!:
Discord Link:
I am Bennettb! After over a year in the design process, I am thrilled to present my first project, the Teton 78! A 68 XT. :)

The goal of this keyboard was to create a simple, classic keyboard with a unique layout. Because of this, I went with a classic top-mounted board with no foam and a simple relatively clean side profile. This board has been in the works for over a year now and I am very excited to present it to you! Please read through the IC and at the bottom, if you would like, fill out the form! All feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you! :). - Please check out my discord for updates. Link Below.[/size]

Design Details:

This design is based on the Tetons, a mountain range of the Rocky Mountains in Grand Teton National Park. I tried to emulate the smooth and sharp peaks of the range through my design! The most obvious design feature is the weight following the outline of the mountains.

Note the weight pictured is not sandblasted, only clear coated. The final version will either be sandblasted or polished.

Exploded View:

An exploded view for a better understanding of how the board is put together:

PCB Layout:

This is the current planned layout, please let me know in the IC if you are interested in an ISO layout, 6.25u bottom row support, or anything else you may want. Thanks! :) (1.25-1.25-1.25-6.25-1.25-1.25-1 support added + stepped caps)

I would like to have a two-tone design, but the colors I am not sure of yet. For the prototype, I have Light Blue and Silver which I love! Colors I am thinking for the Group Buy:

        - Top Color/Bottom Color (Format)
        - Light Blue/Silver (Confirmed)
        - One more Color option left, let me know if you have requests!
        - Lavender/Silver* (Proto Color Pictures below as of 6/15/24)

Please fill out the IC and let me know what colors you want! If you want a one-tone option or even a raw option please let me know as well! :)
        *Will likely order the third proto in this color. Update: In process of getting quotes.
Update: Ordered proto type #3!!!

Change Log:

Proto #1 (3D Print) Changelog
       - Changed screws from internal to the bottom.
       - Changed front chamfer.
       - Modified filets for a more ‘sharp’ look

PCB #1
       - Changed from 1.2 mm PCB to 1.6mm
       - Removed screw cuts because of screw placement change.

Proto #2 (Pictured) - Done
       - Changing the plate mounts to be a bit wider.
       - Changed the case screw head diameter to allow for a better fit.
       - Changed foot placement because of the screw head change.
       - Tightened Tolerances
       - Maybe fewer screws for weight?
       - Any other changes that might result from IC...
       - Slight shorting issue with the bottom case because of the flex. Because you don't notice it when typing, I would rather just put a layer in between. Right now I have masking tape on the bottom case and there are no issues whatsoever.

PCB #2
       - Currently happy with the PCB, might need to change some layout support depending on the IC.

The Third Proto is Coming soon - Getting quotes as of 4/5/2024 Ordered as of 4/26/2024 Here!!

Pictures Below:


Current typing notes:
       - 6/15/2024 Go to discord for sound tests.
       - Currently, I am very pleased with how it sounds! I have it built with an aluminum plate and gateron cap yellow v2s L+F. It is slightly clacky right now with my current build configuration. In terms of flex, it is actually very good. There are only 5 mounting points leading to a pretty comfortable typing experience. Of course, I am biased, but I will be posting a sound test soon!  :)
       - It sounds like I am reviewing coffee haha! :))  ^

So interested on this proyect :eek:

Would be interested in seeing 1.25 - 1.25 - 1.25 - 7 - 1.5 - 1.5 bottom row layout.


--- Quote from: Alva_Works on Thu, 27 April 2023, 05:20:56 ---So interested on this proyect :eek:

--- End quote ---

Thank you for the kind words!


--- Quote from: unwashed_heathen on Thu, 27 April 2023, 09:41:22 ---Would be interested in seeing 1.25 - 1.25 - 1.25 - 7 - 1.5 - 1.5 bottom row layout.

--- End quote ---

I have seen a few people wanting this and 6.25u support, I am going to work on the pcb to see what makes the most sense! Maybe 2 pcb options, I will update as I work more. Thanks! :)


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