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[IC] 852 TKL - A Hong Kong themed TKL

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--- Quote from: dr0pbear on Mon, 29 May 2023, 01:14:44 ---Thank you everyone for the IC feedback so far! I'm glad to see so many people have liked this board. I'd like to answer a few FAQs.

- A few people have mentioned the "grainyness" of the anodisation- I specified a 150 grit sandblast for the first proto, however this is clearly not smooth enough. I have communicated with the manufacturer to use a higher grit sandblast which should address this issue.
- I'll be commissioning a hotswap PCB for GB. I've also added support for split spacebar for solder. WK and WKL will be available, but no F13.
- I've increased the size of the internal weight for more heft. By my calculations this should raise the weight by ~350g
- Having 3 top case colour options seems realistic at this stage. I'm planning on keeping burgundy (Pantone 188C), Grey (Pantone 18-0306 TCX) and Aqua (Pantone 3262C). If there's demand for Cloud White (11-4201 TPX) I want to try and add that too. Bottom colour will remain as silver for all options.

Upcoming: I'm ordering another set of protos reflecting the changes made above. I also hope to confirm vendors soon.

Thanks again for all the feedback so far.

--- End quote ---
Ask for 180 if they can. However, I doubt this will be useful in the GB run since most manufacturers only go up to 150 on larger orders IIRC.


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