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Hi Everyone, newbie here


Hi All,

Very new to the hobby, modified three keyboards, and built one, I've come here for some support as I delve deeper into the hobby. Looking forward to meeting you all.

I've modified;

BOYI WK68 65%
Cherry MX
Honeymilk Caps (Came with the board)
Started modding then the the hot swaps fell off so returned it

Royal Kludge RK61 60%
Gamakay Pheonix
PE Foam PCB Pads
Poron Pads for the Plate
Gaskets for the caps to reduce noise
Plate Stabs, lubed, and greased
Lubed Switches
Sunzit Chalk Theme Caps
Tape Mod

Tester 68 65%
Gamakay Bumblebee
Tape Modded
RK61 OEM Caps
Plate stabs, lubed and greased

I've Built;

Satan GH60 60% Current Daily Driver
PCB Mounted Stabs (Generic) Lubed and Greased#
Basic yellow case
Plastic plate
Kahil Box Pink (Factory Lubed)
Foam in case
foam between plate and pcb
tape modded
PCB Foam pads to cover hotswaps
Gaskets for the caps
basic aliexpress caps for now


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