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State of total eclipse.

A study of shadow and its effects on the human experience.

Please provide feedback and sign up for release updates via this FORM.


I Prototypes
II Renders
III Lookbook
IV Specs
V Design
VI Status
VII Notes
VIII Updates

I Prototypes







II Renders





III Lookbook

For best viewing please see this PDF.


IV Specs


- Layout: 60 WK / WKL / HHKB
- Angle: 8
- Front height: 18mm / EKH 22.25mm
- Top: Aluminum A6063
- Bottom: Aluminum A6063 / Polycarbonate
- Weight: Stainless steel
- Mass: 1429 g / 3.15 lbs


- Mount: Tadpole / Gummy / Top
- Plate: 1.5mm / Leaf-spring
- Material: Aluminum A5052 / Polycarbonate / CFRP


- Material: 1.6mm FR4
- Type: Hot swap / No flex cuts
- Connection: Type-C Fly DB
- Lighting: LED array underglow
- Spacebars: 7u / 3u 1u 3u
- Options: Stepped caps / split right shift / split backspace / rotary
- Software: QMK / VIA
- Thanks to 4pplet for providing open source resources for this project.

V Design


- Eclipse lip lowers front height even more and adds comfort for thumbs.
- Seamless side with minimal thickness bezels. Deep edge chamfer enhances the appearance without being too thin and affecting sound.
- Multi-directional alignment sections for easy assembly.
- Magnetic, swappable emblems are enamel filled and hand-finished.
- TAP authentication microchip. Ownership can be registered and transferred.


- Integrated 8 point silicone force-break to prevent unwanted resonance.
- Maximized internal mass while maintaining plate flex and low front height. Provides sound diffusion helping isolate second reflections.
- Optimized plate mounts for unformal flex at home row. No mounts under the spacebar for best typing feel.
- Distance between the bottom of switches to case is equal across the board.
- Sound travels uninterrupted between PCB and bottom aluminum case. No weights, daughter board, foam, or screws are exposed to the bottom of PCB. Producing a uniform and bright sound-signature. JST cable is routed from the back of the chassis.


- Convenient mountable magnetic weight. Can be removed while fully assembled with the included KEY tool.
- Cable Shield allows the use of a longer JST cable to make install easier and prevents wire damage. Cut from polycarbonate so you can see if the cable is pinched.
- Pressure fitted feet that do not need to be removed for disassembly.
- Tadpoles and gummy o-ring can be customized to different harnesses.
- T10 Magnetic hardware for the entire build, can be built with the single included Torx bit.

VI Status

Proto v2 has arrived and testing is complete. A final production sample has been ordered. While this is being made my main focus will be finishing the design of all the small parts. For most update-to-date info please see Discord.

Release type, quantity, and colorways are still in development. Be sure to join discord to cast your vote on the remaining details.

Target price is $399.

VII Notes

Thank you to all that participated in the weekly vote to make this project the best it can be.


VIII Updates


- Added renders of proto colorway.
- Proto has been cut.
- PCB sample has arrived.
- Firmware in development.

- PCB prototype images added.
- Prototype is complete and en route.
- Firmware has been confirmed.
- PCB edits are complete and new proto will be ordered.


Umbra Prototype v1 has arrived and preliminary testing has started.

Right off the bat, this is the best proto I have ever received. There are very few edits to be made and all of them are just tightening up tolerance, meaning the accuracy is even better than I hoped for. I am beyond happy with the design decisions. We are in a really good spot. Fully assembled the board weighs in at 3.15 lbs or 1429 g.

The meteor grey is exactly what I was hoping for, it feels very space mineral rock-like. While I am happy with the ano, I think we can work on the texture. I spec’ed a custom blasting process for this project in order to achieve a unique texture. While this new blasting medium was used, I believe the pressure in the gun was not correct. Further testing will be done. We are also working on hanging methods to make the ano as flawless as possible. The proto was rack hung with spreaders. This will make small imperfections where the spreader makes contact with the part. We have placed the spreads in a spot that is unseen while using the board, of course, but also hard to see when building it.

Perfect fit and the ano is money.

The weight has a custom spec glass-blasting and I love it. The finish is scratch-resistant when compared to traditional sandblasting. The surface has a tighter texture with a semi-matte appearance and since it is stainless steel, it's very easy to clean.

Weight tolerances have been decreased as the fitment of all the parts is very accurate. I originally increased the gap between the bottom chassis and weight based on the 3D prints, but now having the parts in metal we can make the fitment even nicer. Installing the weight has a very satisfying sound and feel.

The weight removal key works perfectly. The file for this 3D printed part will also be available to future proof the board.

This system is working just as I hoped. This force-break method removes the contact from the top and bottom of the chassis. This result is a deeper, tighter sounding board. I am currently testing different designs to make this the best it can be. We are for sure heading in the right direction. Also you can use the board without the isolators for more traditional sound.

Running simulations on the plate to determine optimal mounting locations was a great move. I am very happy with the mounting locations and shape. I plan to test this further with different switches to see if any small improvements can be made.

Top Mount - It's great! Responsive, solid, and has a machine gun spacebar.

Gummy Mount - Testing was done with a few custom sized 60a o-rings. I believe I have found the best size that will work for both full and split backspace, though more testing is needed. This  has a deeper, more even sound, with a slight mute. The 2 piece chassis construction makes installation a breeze. I do see where an additional cut can be made on the lower chassis for a better fit around the spacebar stabilizers.

This has more flex than top mount, of course. Here is another case where many rounds of 3D prints made the design the best it could be. The plate has a pleasant, even flex without bottoming out. This flex was especially hard to engineer with the low front height of the board and wanting to maximize the surface area of the lower chassis.

Tadpole Mount - The one issue with the proto is that the mounting holes for the tadpoles were fully threaded, so I am not able to install the tadpoles without modification. I have already talked to the factory about the issue. They apologized and thought that I had made a mistake in the drawings. This is an easy fix. Testing of the tadpole mounting on the board will occur during the v2 prototype.

Size has been revised for better fitment with new blasted finish.

Magnet recesses have been revised to fit final magnets perfectly.

Emblem recess has been revised for better fit. Currently finalizing design for mold production.

PCB and daughter board fit is perfect. Zero edits to be made. Also I believe all cables will fit without a problem. My favorite part of the daughterboard design is how low to the table the USB port sits, and how the Rune logo on the back is a great alignment tool for the USB.

The custom chip I ordered works great but the phone has a hard time scanning when installed on the board. I did a good amount of testing on this while designing it, but a mixture of the interference  from the metal surrounding it as well as the depth within the case leads to the scanning not working as desired. Currently working on a solution.

I am working hard now to get all the little details correct before ordering another proto. I will get more images, sound tests, and a build stream going as well!


Updated the model based on Proto v1. A new prototype has been submitted for production.

- Relief was added around spacebar stabs to improve fit of gummy o-ring.
- Tolerance between all parts has tightened based on the accuracy of the first sample.
- Top of the tadpole mount now has 3 points for softer alphas. While the 4 point system has a more even feel, after extensive testing I think this will be even more comfortable.
- Increased room for JST cable under Cable Shield.
- Emblem mount has been redesigned to make removal easier.
- Edges of the bottom chassis have been changed to improve tool pathing and finish.
- Chamfer on the weight's inner edge was increased to match other changed edges.
- Ano hangers added to top and bottom of chassis. This is a feature I used on the Relics. This should provide a better connection to the anodizing rack and also hide the contact points more.


Proto v2 renders added featuring the HHKB layout. New sample is in production. While that is being milled, my main focus is all the accessories:

- JST: Custom cable will be made for the best fit and finish but other stock cables will work. Ready to order.
- DB: FLY Daughter Board has been tested. Ready to order.
- Hardware: Specs have been finalized. Submitted for pricing.
- Emblem: Design has been finished. Submitted on pricing.
- Torx Bit: Ready to order.
- KEY Tool: Still working on design. While the newest sample works perfectly, I would like to add some multi-function to it.
- Hard Case: Still working on design. I would like to make this unique and high-end but starting to get very expensive. Once I get the pricing back for the remaining items. I will have a better idea of the current budget.
- Microfiber cloth: This is dependent on Hard Case design.
- Isolators: Ready to order.
- O-ring: Ready to order.
- Tadpoles: Hardness vote on Discord.


Proto v2 has arrived.

- HHKB: Fitment is perfect. Approved for production based on this week’s layout vote.
- Anodizing: Custom blasting is correct on this sample. The custom cuts added to the parts for better hanging during anodizing worked great. This feature will be used for production to offer the best results. Finish and color are approved for production.
- Chassis: Updates to fitment are an improvement, but are a little too tight. Going to split the difference between the two samples. The extra time that went into redesigning the edge finishing around the best tool pathing has paid off. Edges now have a more dynamic look with clean transitions.
- Weight: Fitment is now perfect.
- Mounts:
     Tadpole - Updated mount location improves typing comfort by distributing flex more towards center of board.
     Gummy - Additional reliefs at stabilizers provide more even pressure on the o-ring.
     Top mount - Combination tadpole and top mounts are now threaded properly.
- Tadpoles: Based on the vote 70A tadpoles will be included.
- Emblem: Fitment has improved. Also removal is now easier and does not require a tool. Further 3D prints are needed to make this perfect.
- Hardware: Custom hardware has been tested. A few hole lengths need to be adjusted for best fitment.
- Cable Shield: Updated fitment is much better and makes building easier. I am not happy with laser engraving and more testing is needed.
- Layouts: Final layout vote is live on Discord.
- Hardcase: Design is finished. Waiting on pricing.
- Microfiber Clothe: This will be added to the project. Currently working on the design.


Proto v2 SOUND TEST now available.

I see. I like.

Would you like my card info now?

Not a fan of the front lip thing, but everything else looks really cool.

Can we get some actual images of the board thought, without the book thing? ;D

Looking forward to proto shots.


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