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[IC] Keykobo Verdigris - Vendors announced

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KeyKobo Verdigris

A Keycap set inspired by the Verdigris pigment developed by copper statues throgh oxidation.

IC form



Haus by Hand Engineering

Kaze by NRD Designs

910 by TGR

Phidias by Brunosan

Ryu Ergo by Geon

F1-8X 722 by Geon


By Roksow

Color sample

Samples for the accents will be requested in the following days

US: Clickclack
CA: Unikeys
EU: Keygem
UK: Prototypist
SEA: iLumkb
KR: Geon
OCE: Switchkeys
ID: Mechaland
TW: PNKeyboard
TH: Aiglaston
CN: Zfrontier

To do:
* Pricing
* GB & Collabs
Special thanks to:

* Stelladoscope for the amazing work on the novelties.
* To all the guys on the KatanaKaji discord :-*.
* Roksow for the amazing deskmat

If you are interested in being a vendor or doing a collab for the set you can reach out to me on discord as zetina.kb
You can also follow me on Instagram for more updates or join the Room 181 discord :pollo:
If you want to support this project, consider adding the signature below to your profile:

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Reserved  :cool:

I love copper but I don't feel the urge to own this.
Maybe it's the modifier color, idk. I haven't put much thought into it beyond "this is just inverted GMK Pulse"

oh my god I see the vision

The UK ISO numbers from base should be alpha colored, and you can move R1 PgDn and R1 End from base kit to numpad kit since they're for 1800 layout support.

Also your scroll lock legend in base says "Scroll" while the windowed version from the extension kit says "Scroll Lock." Not sure if this is on purpose or not, but it would make sense to me that the legend stays the same.



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