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G81-8000HPCUS-2 Black Cherry Double shots $25 shipped per set

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In for two


--- Quote from: RiGS;413486 ---It is still nice as it has the proper Delete, End and Page Down.
--- End quote ---

You are absolutely correct, for the price it's not a bad deal at all - especially if you are planning on hunting down some RGBs or something.  I was just posting for the edification of others.  Also, the bottom row aren't doubleshots at all.

On the upside, the space saver boards are even worse donors - reference the pics in my previous post for all the keys off THOSE that won't work on a standard 104 or tenkeyless board.

And I should have mentioned in my post that I bought two boards off eBay with the same part number; I didn't check to see if it was the same seller or not.  So my comments on shininess may or may not apply to these boards.  Although being POS boards, I think it's fair to say that it's a good bet they've seen some use.

i'd be interested in a set....

In for one set.

In for one set, maybe 2.


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