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Ocean, Sand, and Sky Colorway Preorder Sale

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Aloha!  Sandy island beaches Binge here with an exciting idea.  I am going to limit myself to a very strict color palette to make singles and multi colored keys in the above colorway + Black/White/Clear.

I am going to make 60 keys in this colorway, and I intend to make this a preorder w/60 spots. 

To get a spot click here.  SOLD OUT

Each preorder buyer will be listed below, and when a key is made the key and a link to a picture of the key will be available to the right of the name.  Your key will be shipped to you unless you trade it with someone in this thread.  Likewise you may also sell your spot by requesting a refund and providing the paypal address of the person who will take your spot for invoice.

If anyone provides proof that the spots are being scalped I will remove the owner of the spot from the list and give them a refund.  This means if someone says "Pay me $10 and I'll open my spot for you," please tell me and I will give you their spot free of charge :)

1. psybin
2. KatzenKinder
3. fliptrik
4. TigerSharkDude
5. Clacktalk
6. ghostjuggernaut
7. retrochick
8. wlhlm
9. Alex92
10. greath
11. zah
12. BlueNalgene
13. HPE1000
14. layzeesam
15. reaxas
16. musikfurcats
17. xwing
18. rm-rf
19. sed8op8
20. b4themonkey
21. darkxillidan
22. digi
23. kennyjen
24. btctopre
25. Booper
26. getf
27. slickmamba
28. Joey Quinn
29. drewckay
30. supergeek
31. hjc1710 <<<WOMBO COMBO PAID>>>
32. sebreilly
33. Koobs
34. ccarlitos2
35. vanbezooijen
36. hebbler
37. aznairjordan
38. trizkut <<<WOMBO COMBO PAID>>>
39. WolfTickets
40. swimmingbird
41. do_Og@n
42. MythicalWagyu
43. wakko
44. rjerue
45. Cottonsox
46. suicidal_orange
47. tycho <<<WOMBO COMBO PAID>>>
48. R1N3
49. xnika90
50. o3okev [WOMBO COMBO TRADE] <<<PAID>>>
51. gab_fong
52. septamber
53. rry182
54. ceflame
55. strafe
56. Latin00032
57. ice31000
58. testa.a <<<WOMBO COMBO PAID>>>
59. Tigermelon <<<WOMBO COMBO PAID>>>
60. Nai_Calus

61/60caps completed.

Any questions?  Please ask below.

Q) There's no option for international shipping!?

A) We'll get to that..  Part of the shipping is paid for in the basic cost.  I can charge for the rest of it when the time comes, or I might just eat it  :-*

Q) Will there be Topre?

A) Don't worry about that.

Q) But Topre?

A) Really not likely.

Q) Are Tips open yet?

A) Tips are closed until further notice.

For every day I spend on this project I will be posting artwork in the thread.  Today's artwork is the start of something I'm working on for my brother.  Meet Hank.


***Results are from left to right in the following images.***

Apple Butter

septamber[T][T], ice31000, do_Og@n


greath, ccarlitos2[T], geft

Poppy Reflector

aznairjordan, ceflame, xnika90

Sea Under Arctic

b4themonkey[T][T], strafe, rry182[T], xwing

Sun Rise

reaxas[T], MythicalWagyu, psybin, Clacktalk[T][T]

True Twerkoise

darkxillidan, sebreilly[T][T]

Frosted Marmalade

Layzeesam, vanbezooijen

Ghost Pee

Booper, Latin00032, R1N3, swimmingbird

Dusk Surf

Alex92, HPE1000[T][T], rm-rf

After Dark

WolfTickets[T], Cottonsox[T][T], Nai_Calus[T], gab_fong

Calm Skies, Clear Waters

digi, KatzenKinder, BlueNalgene, TigerSharkDude[T]

Calm Skies, Hot Beach

kennyjen, slickmamba, musikfurcats[T][T]

Tang Popsicle

wakko, rjerue, hebbler

Peel Jelly

fliptrik[T], retrochick[T], suicidal_orange[T]

Midnight on the Beach

zah[T], wlhlm[T], drewckay

Polar Seas

supergeek[T], koobs, btctopre[T]

Polar Deeps

Joey Quinn, Sed8op8[T], ghostjuggernaut[T]

Not exactly sure what I'm getting but sent you $25.  :thumb:

I'm in! No way missing out on this~


--- Quote from: Psybin on Tue, 02 June 2015, 16:21:05 ---Not exactly sure what I'm getting but sent you $25.  :thumb:

--- End quote ---

I'm in the same boat as Psybin, but I'm interested enough to throw some money your way.

Are these new colorways in existing molds that you've got? Or is this new molds AND new colorways?


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