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Why do my Cherry MX Blues bind so badly?

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Hi everyone. recently I've decided to buy another Quickfire XT for no apparent reason. Now I have it on my table and I... feel that Cherry MX Blues in this particular keyboard bind as hell. However, the keyboard is usable and there's no trouble with keys registering, but I still feel utterly uncomfortable with this binding.

It doesn't matter anyways, considering that I'm planning to change the switches to something different, but I want to know two things:

1) What's causing that binding and what can I do about it?

2) Why some of the keys doesn't click properly but sound more like a loud tactile? I've had this before but I need to know what's making them sound less pronounced after a while. Is it stem being worn-off or leaf being pushed after usage? Cherry clickies have their leaf more angled afaik so I'm really curious if that is the reason.

First try typing on the keyboard without keycaps & see if the binding goes away.


--- Quote from: Tactile on Tue, 27 December 2022, 14:59:39 ---First try typing on the keyboard without keycaps & see if the binding goes away.

--- End quote ---

I've tried it, it doesn't

To be honest, I'm planning to change Cherry MX Blues with... Razer Greens. I've seen some man selling PCB from Blackwidow 2019 with Razer Greens for a dirt cheap price, and I guess it will be a good alternative to Cherry MX Blues considering that I really like clickjacket-based clicky switches. I've heard that keychattering problem with Razer Greens is actually lies in the awful PCB of the Blackwidow keyboards. Also I want to buy some springs for them considering that they are awful in stock Razer Greens.

Yeah, I know that I'm a pervert...

Razer Greens are supposed to be made by either Kaihua (Kailh) or Greetech. Neither companies make particularly good click jacket MX clones, and the Greetechs I have in a switch tester are outstandingly terrible feeling.

Is there a particular reason you want Razer Greens besides the cost? Have you desoldered a whole board before? What other clickies have you tried?

I can't recall ever having any problems with binding with MX blue, and I typed pretty heavily on them for a number of years (I still have more MX blue boards than I know what to do with). Maybe there were some QC problems at the factory causing the switch legs to have too much pressure on them one direction or another?


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