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I'm working on a new poster for this year. It's taking a bit longer than I hoped. I'm feeling some long days/nights ahead to get the file finished and to the printer in time.

The posters will be $25 again this year. Unlike the past two years, this year I will do a single run of 50 posters only. I'll get the signup page up in the next couple days. Hopefully, the poster design is up by then too. Posters will be $25, like last year.

If you want to help, I've been working with Rhino and Grasshopper on something I think could be really great, but it's been eating my computer's memory and I'm not an expert with Grasshopper. If you are, I'd love your help.

To gain an appreciation for what I'm designing, I'd recommend reading this article and listening to this podcast:

Thanks for your patience, everyone!'

EDIT 5/17: Poster Signup Open: CLICK HERE

I'll send out invoices a few days before the event. I will be selling at the event, but once sold out, they're gone forever. Signups are on a first-come basis and I will close it once I've sold out of all the posters.


Poster design is finished. See link here:

I'll get a google form going in the next couple days. This will be a single run of 50 posters. With some bad prints, the actual number available will probably be ~45. I will not do a second run this year. Posters will be $25. Thanks for supporting this fun hobby, everyone!

Signups are now open. See my original post for details.



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Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.
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All sold out?


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