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Cirque TM040040 help


I just received from Mouser GlidePoint Cirque TM040040. And to my surprise it came just as a touchpad on a pcb with a 12pin J1 connector on it(if I read documentation right).
I tried searching for those ribbons separately and I was wondering perhaps you folks can advise me what could be possible ways to go about this?

I want to design a pcb with it, perhaps pcb schematics could have that connector on it? I have never done this before, so not sure if places like jlcpcb or pcbway offer that as a service. But then I would still need to find a proper size ribbon for it. I am based in Europe btw.

Not even sure what other alternatives could be, without shelving this trackpad and buying a new one that is part of some kit.
I'd appreciate if anyone has any advice,

After many more attempts to google it out I Went to github and started searching for TM040040 searching for any files that contained kicad in it and found that this is ffc 1.25mm 12pin connector. And managed to find both the connector as well as the cable 🥳 still need to figure out many things like how to mount it or use it on i2c, but at least got some hope. Hope a year from now I'll be looking at these 0roblems and they will not be as daunting anymore..


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