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The KBParadise V80MTS will be making an appearance at KeyCon 2015. [ UPDATE ]

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KBParadise will be forwarding me a V80MTS for showing off at KeyCon 2015 in hopes they can get some feedback/public exposure.

At this time it is unknown what kind of state it will be in (prototype/production).

The board will also have all three Matias Alps switches on it to play with!  :thumb:

Sweet! :)

Unfortunately I will be unable to attend KeyCon this year.

I've sent out a PM to someone attending to see if they will be able to show off the V80MTS.  However if I do not hear back from them soon I'm going to need a back up.  Part of the reason for the "rush" is that the Engineer is within a week of completing a sample board.

If you are someone with over a 1,000 posts and is in good standing with GeekHack and is interested in showing off the V80MTS at KeyCon please send me a PM so I can have you on stand by should my primary pick decide they don't have the time.  I have to clear it with KBP but I'm guessing at this point the person doing the showing off will be able to keep the board afterwards.

I'll probably make a judgement call sometime tomorrow.

Cptbadass has graciously made himself available to show off the V80mts at the show!

Now waiting for the factory engineer to finish up the sample... Hopefully it will be on schedule given its being sent out of Taiwan.

Here will be the switch breakout of the board:


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