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(FIXED) Help! a whole column in my xd60 stopped working

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Sorry, there are so many options I could write "ifs" all day as I don't know what your board is.  The problem is when static leaves your fingers and goes to the wrong trace on your PCB - typically via the case or plate as the PCB is hidden.  If it goes down a ground trace you're fine, if it puts thousands of volts through a chip designed to handle 5 the chip gets damaged, this is long before it gets to our safely grounded computers/mains sockets.

Looks like your PCB is screwed in and the screw threads look shiny so that should be enough to ground it.  Unless you use paper or rubber washers on top of the PCB under the screws...  From the dust in the case this doesn't look like a new build though so if it's worked fine for years it may just be a cracked trace rather than static so lets find out. 

You need to short something to the third pin in from the corner marked green

To the diode pin of one of the dead switches, marked pink

If you hit the pins next to the green one it will just type the letters either side of the dead key so don't worry about that, just make sure you've hit the green one and see if you can make it output the dead letter.

I'll ask in advance but it doesn't matter if the green pin works - do you use a custom keymap or just as it came?

The LEDs I was talking about go in the holes in the yellow circle and they definitely look unused - if the green pin is dead they will make for a very small and tidy looking fix but we'll get to that if we need to.

So just to confirm,

i solder from the 3rd pin to the pink dot you shown me. If i press the key and it works, do it with the others, if not i ask you again.

Fingers crossed

No solder yet, just touch a wire or something conductive to both ends and see if it types the dead key.

Update, pin is dead, tested pin 2 and 4 and they work, it registers other keys which is expected. So let me guess, it wont be easy from here right?

Well that depends - do you use a custom keymap?


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