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Founda7ion S2

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It's really weird that Gail would be surprised by Harry being reconstituted in a new body, given how advanced the technology is in the rest of the show.

Kinda. Getting, presumptuous.

They're digging for a reveal that might be far less interesting than the buildup. /Very cautious at this point,  fearing disappointment.

Cool vault scene

Well ok, the good news is, gale/harry/sal's arc is getting mildly interesting.

The Cleons, barely holding on, it's somewhat illogical that they'd squabble over small stakes. If you rule an empire that vaste, you couldn't survive being as human as they are.

Good to see King Vizimir of Redania alive and as sassy as always ...
Did not even change his hairstyle.

It's difficult to gauge sincerity of peeps with that type of flamboyant outward persona.


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