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Macbook or Macbook Pro??

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--- Quote from: tripwire ---FYI,the MBP kb is great.
Never heard anyone complain about it.
--- End quote ---

Hey tripwire, welcome to geekhack!

Do you own a MBP??  (just curious)

So, "tripwire"...named after the HIDS product?  Or the actual, physical tripwire?  :)

Thanks iMav!
I have a 17" mbp, 2.33ghz c2d.
Named after both actually ;-)


--- Quote from: tripwire ---I have a 17" mbp, 2.33ghz c2d.
--- End quote ---

You get the hi res screen (1920x1200 / WUXGA)?

The HD screen wasnt an option back then.
I will be getting a 17" HD in jan though (if Apple lowers it's prices in europe)


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