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So, the 2008 Macworld Expo in San Francisco is days away.  With the release of updated Mac Pro's and Xserve's, what do you all think will be the big annoucement(s)??

There have been rumors of an ultra-portable being announced...personally, I don't think they will touch the MacBook at all (the current best-selling Mac).  If an ultra-portable is announced, it will be a part of the MBP line. (IMHO)

There is the possibility of announcing a SDK for the iPhone...but that seems to be more of a Developers conference thing and probably doesn't belong at Macworld.  

I just hope that the rumors of a "multi-touch" pad are wrong.  I can't stand touch pads as it is...I CERTAINLY don't want a BIGGER one on the Mac portables!

FYI, live coverage of the Macworld keynote can be seen here.

I usually go to Engadget.

Is their coverage better?


--- Quote from: xsphat;2354 ---Is their coverage better?
--- End quote ---

I REALLY like MacRumor's coverage a lot.

BTW, just saw that Macworld's tagline this year is "there's something in the air".  Hmmm....


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