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Firefox 3 beta...anyone?

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I never got on with firefox. I couldn't get it to look nice and it wouldn't do half the things I was used to, plus it had several annoyances (leave my favourites format alone!). The last time I tried it was back in version 1.5 so when 3.0 comes out I plan to give it another go.

My daily browser is Maxthon 1.5, it just feels like someone sat down and actually thought about how a browser should behave and what it should do, instead of making it skinnable, or putting in amusing hidden messages. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else currently though, some bits of javascript will cause the 1.5 version to choke and the 2.0 version rewrite isn't quite complete with many of the best features from 1.5 missing.

Opera is my secondary browser, for pages that Maxthon struggles with, secure stuff or just anything I need to be kept open betweem restarts (Maxthon does this too, but I don't like tab clutter in normal browsing).

I've never really noticed much difference in speed between web browsers, given the disparity of features between the options the speed difference certainly isn't enough to switch for.

It was a good choice for you to skip FF 2 entirely, I wish I had.


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