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Recommend a desk mat?


I am looking for a recommendation for a desk mat.  I'm not sure if that is the right name.  I need more than a large mouse pad.  It should be a satisfactory writing surface, protect it from soldering, sharpening and general misc hardware tasks, and yeah- function as a mouse pad too.  I have seen some nice ones in videos and photos that have for example blueprint drawings as a design on it. 

I don't really know what it's called so I'm having trouble finding it.  I found a clear one which may work, but I'm looking for something very dark in color. 

don't know that there's a single mat made to do all you are requesting, but here are a couple ideas.

regular mouse/desk mat
these are a popular item on just about any keyboard vendor's site tons of designs, usually to go along with a particular keycap set.
- fabric & rubber backing - can't solder over it, not that nice to write on, con't cut on it (will cut the mat as well) nice for mouse & keyboard to sit on.

dedicated soldering mat.
- usually a blue silicone mat of various sizes - made to solder on usually some sections on the mat for small electronic parts, can't say how a mouse will be on it, probably not that nice to write on, probably easy to cut. (i don't have one)

cutting mat.
- made of some types of plastic/vinyl made for cutting on, ok for a mouse, will leave heat / solder marks where solder hits it, but solder peels up easily, this is a harder mat, fine to write on like any hard surface.
- this is what i use for my workstation - cutting/soldering/tinkering etc... i have a large one 24"x36"

for what you're describing... i'd go with a cutting mat.

hope this helps.

Yes, a "cutting mat."  That would be it.

the one i have is the OLFA brand like linked above.

if you can go to a store, check out ones that are made like that one. (there are many types & kinds of cutting mats)


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