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[CLOSED][GB] iNKY x Domikey Inazuma keycaps



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Inazuma, Japanese Kanji 稲妻, means Thunder. In the famous game Genshin Impact, it is used as a region name of the seven regions in Teyvat.


* Cherry profile
* ABS doubleshot and tripleshot
* Stripe bottom

GB closed on 21st September (PST) 00:00
Estimated Delivery in December


Everyone who has played Genshin Impact must have a deep memory of Inazuma's thunder, cherry blossoms and that bad fox lady.

From locking the country and hunting Visions to opening and prosperity of the country, we, as the traveller,  have experienced and witnessed them in person. Inazuman gathered their dreams to fight together against upper power, Raiden Shogun's self-denial and determination to wipe out old evils, and the final Devilsí Night of Yae Miko to bid farewell to their old friends. Stories of hope shining in the dark. Their passion and strong heart and friendship make us moved.

iNKY team is one of those who are touched by Inazuman. The new project is born.



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