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peppanoid mononokey sale is live for the next 24 ish hours!


MoreHey all, this will be the first raffle in a CMYP Series of blanks and Mononokeys. The form will be open overnight.  Invoices will go out tomorrow afternoon, and caps will be shipped on Friday.
All caps are MX compatible this time around.  Homing keys are scooped.
Mononokeys are $35, and blanks are $7.50/ea.
Shipping options are: Bubble Mailer($4), USPS smol FR box($8), and International($13).
Purple raffle should be ready in about a week  ;D


MoreHey all,

I've got a small raffle of some cold cast caps today.  I've got some raw aluminum and purple aluminum mononokeys and blanks, as well as a mystery colorway. Price is $35 per cap this time around, limit two per person.  I'll be sending the unaltered caps with materials to buff/polish the caps to your liking.  The caps on the right in the photo have been lightly buffed/polished, and the one's on the left are unaltered. 

Form will be live until ~10pm EST. Invoices will go out immediately after and all packages will be shipped early next week.

Blanks will be given away at random with matching Mononokey's.

edit: all invoices sent.
MoreHey all,

I've got a new sale series I'll be doing over the next few weeks. There will be two base colorways available throughout the series.  The first is a transparent smoky gray/black, the second a milky white.  Each sale will feature a different glow/uv pigment.  Some of the pigments such as greens and blues charge easily and will glow for hours, while others(purple, red, white) will need strong sunlight or UV flashlights to glow and won't last as long.  Five of each variant will be available in each sale.  At the end of the series, I may have a blind bag sale of extras, but no more than 8 of any colorway will be released.  Additionally, one singleshot GID cap will be thrown in a random package along with each sale.

Fifth and final sale of the series is now live.  Form will be open until ~9PM EST. 

Fluorescent Pink | Dark Blue Album
FORM All invoices sent!

note: there is a BUTTLOAD of glow powder in these caps, 5-10x what I'd normally do in a keycap, so expect some stronk glowies
note2: I accidentally washed my UV light last night, so I might have a hard time charging/photographing some glow
note3: The dark blue caps are the most difficult color to charge.  I've included a pic of extra resin glowing after sitting in the sun for a while to show what the color looks like once fully charged. The caps can glow as brightly, but it's been gloomy/rainy today so I can't get them to charge as bright for photos right now.  The pink will also glow bright pink under bright light, but don't have a good reference photo.  The pink is unique in that it goes through many different colors, climaxing at pink.  Depending on intensity of light, the pink will shift through greens/oranges/reds before glowing pink.

Aqua | White Album
Red/Orange Album
Previous Photos, and another shot of how trans the smoke do be.

Form will be open from 5-8PM EST.  Caps will ship early next week.

Three colorways avail this time around.  Limit 2 mononokey per person, a few blanks will be thrown in at random.  Price is $45 per cap plus shipping.  pinkmás album


smol sale today, two colorways avail. Price is $45, limit one mononokey per person as quantities avail are smol.  The WASD sets on the boards will be given away in random winners packages.  Photos of the caps can be seen on my instagram.

Form will be open for 3ish hours.
Moreedit: form closed, all invoices sent!


Hey all,

All caps have MX stems this time around. 
Mononokey is $45, blanks are $15. 
Shipping is $4 for a first class bubble mailer, $7.50 for a USPS small flat rate box, or $14  for International in a bubble mailer.

Form will be open until 5PM EST.  Invoices will be sent immediately and all caps will be shipped tomorrow.

Nitelite pair on the left, Strobelite pair on the right ft. a smol bug

Nitelite = blue/purple set
Strobelite = purple/gold/white set


Hey all,

All caps have MX stems this time around. 
Mononokey is $45, blanks are $15. 
Shipping is $4 for a first class bubble mailer, $7.50 for a USPS small flat rate box, or $14  for International in a bubble mailer.

Form will be open from 5-8PM EST.  Invoices will be sent by 9PM and all caps will be shipped by Friday.

*All caps shown are variants of the Nightmare colorway*

MoreHello all,

I've got several colorways avail this time around, and a similar sale method as the last sale, with an added twist.  You will be able to enter for one specific cap, or two random caps just like last time.  There is a second, optional part to the form this time around for a colorway naming contest.  When the sale closes, I will pick my favorite colorway names, and the winner for each colorway name will receive an invoice of that cap for cost of shipping.

Price is $45 per cap, all caps are MX compatible.

Shipping options are:
$4 for first class(bubble mailer)
$7.50 for USPS small FR box
$13 INTL(bubble mailer)

*you may enter for only the naming contest if you wish, just select the contest only option in the form*


edit: sorry for the delay invoicing.  All invoices have now been sent and caps will ship out early next week.

MoreHello all,

I've got several colorways this time around, and a slightly different than usual entry method.  You can enter to win one cap, and pick the one you want or pick your win priority, or you can enter for two random caps.  If you enter for only one cap and that particular cap is sold out, you won't be invoiced. 

All caps are MX this time around.

Mononokeys are $45 each, blanks will be throw in random packages.  Shipping options are as follows:
$4 - First class bubble mailer
$7.50 - USPS small flat rate box
$13 - International bubble mailer



Form will be open for ~12 hours.  Will close and invoice tomorrow morning.

Moreedit: all invoices out

I've been testing some new pigments, and have accumulated a handful of test colorways.  There aren't enough of any to have their own sales, so blind bag seems like a good call. There will be a few older colorways from unpaid invoices, but the majority of the caps are new colorways.

Price is $45 per bag, and there is a limit of 3 bags per person. All caps are MX this time around.

Shipping options are $4 for a bubble mailer, $7.50 for USPS small flat rate box, and $14 for international.

Form will be open for ~4hours, invoices will go out tonight, and you'll have 12 hours to pay. 

All bags will be shipped by Monday.

DISCLAIMER: This pigment PERMANENTLY color shifts when heated.  I've tested up to 120F and it doesn't seem to shift, so they should stay put under normal conditions.  I'm not sure what temp the shift begins to occur, but baking them and using my heat gun has caused caps to change colors.  If you intentionally heat the cap, the color will likely change.  I will not be offering refunds for caps that change colors from this sale. 

Here is a sped up clip of the color shift when using a heat gun for reference(and a lil teaser).

Heyo, got some more blanks and mononokeys for y'all today.  I've decided to add normal, concave arrows in addition to convex arrows this time around as well as offering wasd/moba separately or bundled.  Pricing is still $7.50 per blank and $35 for mononokeys.  Form will be open for 4-6 hours, invoices will go out tonight and everything should be shipped by Monday.




Form will be open for ~6 hours, closing around 10pm EST.  Pricing is $7.50 per blank, and $35 for mononokey.

Hello all! I've got two colorways avail today in both mx and topre: Scarab and Golden Scarab.  Form will be open for ~24 hours as I know many people are traveling for keycon. 

Mononokey - $35
Blanks - $15

Bubble mailer - $4
Small flat rate box - $7.50
INTL - $12



Two pairs being sold for $63.50($45 mononokey, $15 blank, $3.50 shipping).  The caps at the bottom are being sold for cost of shipping, $3.50.
I accidentally swapped the blanks in the pic, the gold blank goes with the gold mononokey.

Form will close at midnight EST

Google form

Form will close sometime Friday.  Caps are $45 each, and there are 3 shipping options this time around: bubble mailer, small flat rate box, and INTL bubble mailer.
MoreGoogle Form

Form will be open for ~8hours, I'll likely close at midnight EST.  Caps are $45 each, and there are 3 shipping options this time around: bubble mailer, small flat rate box, and INTL bubble mailer.

Regarding the OG colorway, there will not be a sale anytime soon. What I will be doing, and have been doing, is sending out some OG caps in random packages.  I may have a sale for the OG colorway someday, but for now I'm doing this...

Going to be doing a small email sale in about 10 minutes.

Caps are $45 each. 

Messages must arrive after 11:11:11PM EST.  Messages that show up before will be disqualified.   Email is: redacted
Format is as follows:

--- Code: ---Subject: username

PP email:
Address if different:
I understand that these keycaps are handmade and vary:
1st choice:
2nd choice:
Shipping: Bubble Mailer-$4, Small FR Box-$7, or INTL-$15
--- End code ---


Hey GH,

Back for another sale.  Form will be open for about 4 hours this time around.  Caps are $45 + shipping($5 CONUS/$12 INTL). 

Two colorways this time: PonyCulture and Darth PonyCulture.


edit: All invoices out!


I've been waiting for some supplies to arrive before doing any of the colorways I've got planned.  I've been twiddling my thumbs and making these while impatiently waiting.  There are 1-3 of each avail.

Sale is FCFS and will go live at 8PM EST.  Form will stay open until all caps are spoken for.   Caps are $45 and shipping is tree fiddy(CONUS, INTL is $10) this time around as I'm out of flat rate boxes.

Sale Album


edit: I wanted to do a FCFS sale and limit people to entering for one cap to see how distributions would work out.  All caps were spoken for in under a minute, except one colorway.  The first person to enter for that colorway entered 20 minutes after the form opened haha. I'm going to leave the form open for a bit longer, and if no one else enters for that colorway I'll just horde them for myself as it's my personal favorite  :p

Otherwise, all invoices are out and packages should be dropped off at the post tomorrow(hopefully).


Looking forward to this!

Grats on your first official sale! Good luck everyone. :)

I loved the movie, seen Japanese with subtitles, English dubbed, and Disney dubbed by American actors. I am looking forward to when my daughter is old enough to watch it. Right now I am content with watching Ponyo, Totoro, and a couple others with her.

If I remember, I will try to enter, but they look great.

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