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[GB]Cupid switch R2


It's been about half a year since the launch of the Cupid switch, and players have had mixed reviews about it.
After collecting and compiling feedback from players on the Cupid switch, we've decided to re-improve the factory lubrication of the 42g version.

Regarding the issue of factory lubrication, there was still some controversy when we launched the 42g version in China.
We've been inclined towards less lubrication, allowing the excellent mold to provide a smooth feel with little or no lubrication.

However, this has also led to some players being unsatisfied with the performance of the fine sound details.
Therefore, for this new version, both the 42g and 55g will adopt a new factory lubrication scheme: the switch cores will be dry film lubricated, the switch core feet will be coated with lubricating grease, and the springs will be slightly lubricated.

This moderate amount of lubrication will ensure a dry and non-greasy feel while filling in the missing sound details.
Unlike the "crisp" sound of most switch bodies on the market, the Cupid produces a "muffled" sound, which is likely related to the material and structure.
Apart from sounding more muffled than regular hi-fi axes, the sound is also very solid and focused (which should be highly valued by sound enthusiasts).
So, if you're used to "crisp" axes or looking for a more "muffled" switch body, the Cupid switch could be a great choice.

In terms of color, we have continued with the same colors as the initial version.
We believe that the switch is an important color element in a keyboard, so we hope that this touch of red can bring some warmth amidst the cold metal surroundings, also corresponding to the name of the switch - the love-filled Cupid switch.

The light conduction column configuration was something we had in the initial version, and the R2 will not omit this either.
In this era where RGB lighting is basically standard, especially with the popularity of side-printed keycaps, whether a switch has a light conduction column has become an important criterion for many people when choosing switches.

Of course, adhering to the principle of "you may not need it, but I cannot do without it", when you need lighting, the excellent light transmission of the Cupid Switch R2's light conduction column can very well ensure the conduction of RGB light, illuminating all your keycap legends.
At the same time, the light conduction column can also serve to fill the internal space of the switch, making the switch sound full and not hollow.

Changes in R2
Modified Factory Lubrication This is where the bigger change lies.

The Cupid switch originally aimed for a clean, crisp feel to showcase the advantage of the switch mold design. However, we found that the market pays more attention to factory lubrication.
So, this time we have modified the lubrication method - both the 42g and 55g versions now use a dry film lubrication approach.
The direct benefit of this is an improvement in the sound of the Cupid switch when operating, making it fuller, more solid and concentrated.
Travel: 3.8mm
Actuation Force: 42g/48g
Bottom Out Force: 48g/55g
Spring length: 20mm
Bottom Out Type: Flat bottom out
GB time: May 20th - Aug 15th

In making the Cupid switches, our goal has always been to develop and produce a switch that can be used for a long time. So balance has been a constant positioning for the Cupid switch.

But in today's era of rapidly changing keyboard trends, this idea may seem "incorrect", because most enthusiasts still prefer products that leave a big initial impression.
However, a keyboard is not for temporary use, but a product meant for long-term use.
So we simply hope to satisfy users who have similar usage needs and ideas, hoping everyone can slowly use, use for a long time, and comfortably use this Cupid Switch R2.

Welcome to join our discord for more imformation:


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