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What are you watching? The thread about what you're watching.

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OMG, Amanda, nooo..... Dark Matter, episode 6


--- Quote from: fohat.digs on Wed, 12 June 2024, 12:44:17 ---You had better get down there sooner rather than later. The city may not survive another major hurricane. Something about building below sea level ....
--- End quote ---

Tp4 finds people are more/less the same everywhere, wrapped up in their own bubble of the world, but all with nearly identical logical drives, expressed more or less plainly than one another.

But then, that's just Tp4 the cognition talking,  every arrangement of atom may be unique, and so the cognition is just range biased.

The observation that Tp4 has trouble enjoying is real, there is an innate aversion to certain emotional investments, knowing that these pathways contribute to the world's problems. But Tp4 is small, he couldn't possibly know such things for certain, and so like all others, this is his delusion.

Robocop 2, totally holds up in 4k.

The stop motion shots look really good because there's no motion blur, everything's in focus.

Arguably the coolest looking minigun outside of arm0red(0re.

Ok, this doesn't make any sense.

In the movie, the kid which is a high up gang member, controls, Angie, Kane's girlfriend after they escape Robocop in the middle of the movie. How can a grown woman with Drug urges not over power a 12 year old kid. It wouldn't matter that he had a little packet of drugs, she could just beat him up for it.

New Amsterdam - pretty interesting medical series
House of the Dragon - I think no comments needed
Snowpiercer - post-apocalyptic science fiction


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