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[IC] ePBT Travelling - GB Date Announced!

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Bases: R1 pipe key should be moved to R2 to cover us-iso support.
Novelties: Need at least one 1u R2 novelty to cover the nav column in 65/75s layout. I recommend moving the 2nd 1u novelty of R3 to R2.

Is there any particular reason for Hiragana sub leyends?

i dont associate traveling with the dullest gloomiest colors possible. weird inspiration

traveling set but hiragana base? not very mr worldwide of you.

other than that gray is my fav color so :)


--- Quote from: Vortext on Tue, 22 June 2021, 15:40:18 ---Why does a set inspired by traveling all over the world have Japanese sub legends?

--- End quote ---
I simply like these sublegends.


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