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[IC] Rama Kara Bluetooth PCB

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--- Quote from: scottwei on Fri, 30 July 2021, 04:42:16 ---
--- Quote from: lukelex on Thu, 29 July 2021, 06:53:43 ---Make something that works first, then come back  ;)

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Actually, I have a plan like this too, base on G60BLE's PCB, but... I'm lacking Bluetooth modules, estimated delivery time is over 48 weeks...

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Well, if you make a Kara bluetooth PCB that would make the Kara a lot more appealing to me. The bluetooth on skog reboot has been fantastic.

And if you do, is it possible to make the battery life a lot longer than the skog reboot? I feel like plugging and unplugging every couple of days is pretty annoying and I just end up not using the wireless feature as often.

Hardly possible with qmks battery manegement. Would love to see ZMK support instead.


--- Quote from: lukelex on Fri, 30 July 2021, 05:31:59 ---
--- Quote from: zungzangbi on Thu, 29 July 2021, 20:33:54 ---I believe an Interest Check thread should at least remain as "Interest Check" in literal terms for those who still wishes to contribute to the keyboarding community with their creativity.
OP is not obliged to be production-ready for "something that he's unsure whether Gh community members will be interested or not" just to present us the idea.
IC as a strictly pre-production announcement imho is just too much.
BTW, don't have a Kara, and not too keen on bluetooth so probably not interested, but GLWIC and your progression.

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Youre getting drunk on the concept. Interest checks started out as I made something cool. Would you like to have it as well? And we should keep it as is IMO.

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I understand. Some of us surely may not want IC to be flooded with mere texts. Some others, like me, would mind them less.

ne protos avail


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