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Sarokeys BCP Switch Review


Hey all,

Another few weeks have came and gone so don't worry - I'm done with the controversy surrounding the structure of my reviews and thus I definitely won't be pissing people off again for a long time. Oh wait, I'm giving my take on Sarokeys 'BCP' switches in this review? Surely my opinions loosely related to an increasingly popular frankenswitch that seemingly everyone on certain other platforms love to go on and on about couldn't possibly end poorly...

Scorecard Repository:
Force Curve Repository:

As always, thank you all for supporting and reading my content week in and out. Don't forget I have vast repositories of Scorecards, Force Curves, Measurements, and switch photos all available for free as well if you're not feeling up to a full length review in the moment.


Awesome, I have been waiting for this more affordable and effortless BCP.


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