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XG2431 (It's on sale)


Finally had time to play with monitors.

So.. How is it ?

This monitor is unique in that it is blurbuster certified, and made for tweak-enthusiasts, No other monitor like it exists.

Special functions:

- Backlight strobe tuning (BFI)
- Strobe cycle adjustable to ANY fixed refresh rate from 60-240hz
- Motion clarity extremely high
- Adjustable Pulse Width/ Pulse Phase and Pixel Overdrive
- Supports High-Vertical-Total signal timing adjustment
    _ This is when you send frame information to the monitor faster, reducing latency in "strobe-modes" lower than 240hz.
    _ It also vertically widens the area of least strobe crosstalk.
    _ At the moment, it's a bit cumbersome to setup. But this IS an enthusiast-Monitor after all.

Out of the Box color accuracy is Good. Gamma / Grey scale tracking are excellent.

Gradients look great, you can tell it has an excellent image processor/ Dithering-algo implementation.

It comes at ~7000k color temperature, 2.1 gamma, though this is not "reference", most people enjoy Blu-er images. Understandable.

Calibrated to D65 white point, it achieves 850:1 Contrast ratio.

Motion Clarity:

This monitor utilizes BOE's FAST-Ips panels.  Many monitors use fast-ips now, but they're not user tunable.

What does tuning do?

It minimizes Strobe-Crosstalk.  This is the afterimage effect with regard to flashing the backlight on and off, part of the pre - transition pixels cross into the frame that you want.

With pulse and overdrive tuning, You can minimize this anomaly. 


Because the response rate of the pixel is different at different refresh rates, at different temperatures, at different wear level.

Without tuning, the factory set rates will eventually become non-viable, and the cross-talk effect will get worse

     - You LOSE motion clarity simply from continuing to use the monitor.

It doesn't matter how expensive or how accurate ANY-monitor is out of the box, if you can't tune it, it goes to poops.

Tp4 doesn't have the rig for perfect pursuit pictures, But this is the center of the screen tuned for 120hz, pretty darn good, alot better than most high $ esport monitors.

The black banding is because the camera shutters at 125fps, so it tears while recording 120hz,  The black bands are not visible in real life.

Personal Impressions:

OK, the hype is real, this monitor really is 1 of a kind w/ support from Blurbuster's Blur Chief no less.

It really can achieve NEAR CRT lvl motion clarity at 60-100hz.

At 120+, the higher you go the more you get strobe-crosstalk, and narrowed peak clarity band in the middle of the screen, This is unavoidable.

The only competitor out there are the very fast TN esports panels with an edge in pixel transition time, therefore further reduction in crosstalk at higher refresh.   I'm not personally entirely convinced pro gamers actually need ANY of this "Stuff" to win besides the basic 120hz strobe.

The monitor also supports Variable Refreshrate ala freesync/gsync. It does not have the gsync premium module.
(But you know, you only use VRR if you're a Filthy-Casual) :cool:

Explanation slides from Blurbusters.

Usage thoughts:

Had it for a bit now, motion clarity is like nothing else. It's like finally having the vaseline removed for "Things that move". Resolution being pushed by expensive gpus has really been a waste when the whole damn screen is a blur.

That said, for single player story games, where motion isn't that critical, 240hz Oled is probably still the way to go, since these games are much more similar to watching movies, the black contrast is more salient.  With 240hz oled, it's about as clear as a 360hz non-strobed monitor. Where, motion is smeary, but it's ok.

Older consoles/ 60fps emulation look really really good. CRT like, because this monitor can actually strobe 60hz, no other monitor on the market does this. Sonic is completely playable unlike most LCDs.


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