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Hi guys :)

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Hey, I heard about this website a while ago, but it was hacked so I could never check it out. The website coming back up coincides nicely with me getting my das keyboard, so I'll make sure to stay around for a while :)

Ooh you must be 7bit's cousin or something. lol  Anywho, welcome to Geekhack! :D

Wait, there is someone named 7bit? Hahaha, just coincidence. Thanks.

How the **** does a 9bit encoding system work ? o_O

Welcome !

And yeah, 7bit is a rather known member ( expecially for his never ending Group buys).

Hey, I know you from the TL keycap thread.  Welcome to wallethack. :)

I'm afraid your username isn't very conducive to binary <==> hex translation.


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