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We had a thread about that mod.  It's very well done, but I am disappointed that they sacrificed a rare M15 for it.  In the process, they stripped it of some of the most important functonality it had in that it is no longer adjustable.

Oh, I should have figured there was already a thread on this one.  That's what I get for not searching first... I did see a thread for a different mod they did which was pretty cool, before.

Don't worry about reposting stuff.  Threads get buried pretty fast around here. :)


--- Quote from: alexlzl;14818 ---Thanks for the tip. Wow! that is a weird layout. The spacebar is way too small, and they re-arranged so many keys (like {, }, backspace). Also, 55K Yen! :confused: That is more than twice of HHKB Pro or Realforce!
--- End quote ---

Yes, I too would like to know what drugs they were taking when doing the layout and pricing. I am also interested in a an ergonomic layout with either brown cherries, Topre key switches, or buckling springs with springs that are 45 g. All for less than $250 (that's a reasonable price range), a sensible ergo layout, and USB.


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