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[GB] 8-bit series II: pipeline bots artisan keycaps

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8-bit series II: pipeline bots artisan keycaps

As the story of Pipeline Bots unfolds completely, it is time we tell you what our artisans did to make them all come to life, in a what thatís as dynamic as this. Before we start with the first step, there is an important note that you need to know: we entirely focus on making cherry profiles for this collection. Thrilled enough? Letís go make it!Ö.

This group-buy will be closed on 5/14/2021, and please remember that we donít run any group-buy again. 6 keycaps per order & all collection will be free shipping.

A garden full of cherry in the 8-bit yard

What drives us to produce a sequel to this pixelated 8-bit collection is entirely your love and cherished feedback when you receive the previous keycaps. Those who owned and loved the 8-bit series keycap have sent many requests about making cherry profile keycaps, and for that, weíre much appreciated it. We have 5 primary colors with lots of shades. Thereís been an upgrade in this 2nd version that we guess you might like to add another positive note. Back in the 1st 8-bit series, most of the sizes were SA profile, leaving only 2 cherry sizes. With the Pipeline Bots comeback, we have made a full cherry profile for this series, including 7 sizes (1u / 1.25u ctrl,alt / 1,5u tab, \ / 2u / 2.25u Enter / 2.75u right shift / 6.25u Spacebar ), 4 game scenes, and 5 colors!

Among 5 sets of colors available, When you purchase a set ďall profilesĒ 7 keycaps, youíll be gifted a special spacebar, featuring a very interesting feature. It is not covered by a crystal resin layer as usual, but the whole scene itself. How cool is it!

Oh so you will be selling outside of Vietnam? :D

I can't wait!


One more pic

Love these, can't wait for the chance to buy some!

That spacebar is dope


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