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Frankin Switch
« on: Tue, 11 May 2021, 18:03:01 »
New frankinswitch

When I first bought the TKC Dragon Fruit switches, I was so excited to use them for my next build.

But as a #lineargang member, I wanted to use them less and less for my next build. A few months later, Kinetic labs release a switch with a UHMWPE stem, so I bought 90 hippo switches to try them out.

They're nice and smooth stock but the springs are terrible I was going to spring swap them for some TX or spirit springs then...

Today I was bored so I decided to mix the steam of the hippo with the housing of the DF (Dragon Fruit). to make the...

Drippo or the DragonHippo

The feel: These are the smoothest stock switches I've ever tried. they are as smooth as my lubed alpacas V2

The sound:  The Drippos have a high pitch sound just like tangerines, but they also have a nice clack

Stem wobble: The Drippos have no east to west stem wobble but has a bit of north to south.

*Edit: forgot to talk about the stem wobble*
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