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[WTS] UHKB, half-working Matias Ergo Pro

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Selling some keyboards that don't get much use. Prices don't include shipping. For CONUS buyers I'll probably use a priority mail flat rate box which is very reasonable. I'm open to reasonable offers, especially if you want more than one thing. Pickup is also an option if you're in the SF Bay Area.

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard (UHKB). Kailh brown switches.
I used this regularly for a few months but decided the layout wasn't for me.
Includes the wrist rests which might just be my favorite part of the keyboard. I also have the boxes for both the board and wrist rests.
Asking $290 + shipping

Kinda-broken Matias Ergo Pro. Matias quiet click switches.
So, I was being a bit dumb trying to replace some problem switches. One switch is now missing and on another I soldered it back on but I accidentally ripped off the solder pad. I can send pictures of the damaged area on the back upon request. But in the right hands this seems repairable. Or at the very least harvest the switches. I have a few spare switches I can include as well. I threw out the palm rests since they were worn.
Asking $25 + shipping or just take it if you buy something else.

Sold Items
MoreLeopold FC660C
I used this as my daily driver a few years back but once I went split that was it (shame there are no viable split Topre boards).
As you can see, the box suffered an injury during a move. So unfortunately there are small indentations / scratches on the left control and backslash keys. They aren't that noticeable though. Spacebar shows light shine from use. Not sure if it's visible.
Asking $185 + shipping

Esrille NISSE keyboard. Size L. Gateron brown switches.
This is an interesting one. I took a chance and ordered it about a year and a half ago despite limited information because people who had it seemed to like it. Well, the fixed angles just weren't for me; I barely used it. But it is a neat board and it does look pretty nifty. If you're interested in this board, here's your opportunity, because normally the process to order it is very involved and expensive (in addition to international shipping you have to pay for and send an international postal money order). I guess information is rare because the guy hasn't made many of these, at least for the North American market --- my box is marked 0120 which I assume is a serial number. Anyway, since this is a weird one and a mild pain to acquire I'd be down for lending/renting if people are interested.
Asking $475 + shipping

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