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Title: So I finally caved.
Post by: Creeju on Sun, 09 January 2022, 07:14:31
Heya! Greetings from Germany.
After a long time with my Logitech G413, which I deemed to be "good enough, don't you dare getting started with the real stuff", I finally caved and got myself an IBM Model M 1391403 made by IBM UK. Right in this very moment I'm in the process of cleaning it and getting it up to snuff again. The top case has a crack on the lower end, other than that I got pretty lucky on my first try. At least it seems like it up until now.
I'm also looking into the myriad of mods/maintenance on this keyboard, so shoot me with any useful links, if you got any.  :rolleyes:

This post is written on Cherry MX Low Profile Reds, which I wanted to try for some time and got a cheap Cooler Master SK630 for that. Not a fan of the keycaps, but the switches aren't the worst I have tried so far.

When I'm done with the Model M and bored again, I'm planning to venture into building my own keyboard. Big fan of the big-ass enter, which is a rare find, so I might as well just build my own.