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gb when

Kaptain Mike:

--- Quote from: carlanthony on Wed, 22 May 2024, 18:20:13 ---Based on the samples, was there an obvious difference in feel for texture? Excited to see how these actually turn out!

--- End quote ---

They feel just as good as the GMK you are used to today, no difference in texture. They look really good and I find myself staring at them from multiple angles just to see the special effects plastics in different lighting. From a normal typing distance without harsh lighting, they usually look like black blanks, but a deeper black. The black on black is so good and I think this set is uniquely dark. I will be at Mode Meetup in Boston on July 14th and yes, I will bring samples with me  :cool: I will share more info in the following weeks.

--- Quote from: packman86 on Fri, 24 May 2024, 11:09:56 ---gb when

--- End quote ---
GMK Cosmos GB SOONtm
Where's my 500C?

okay I'm in!  R4 please!

Vanta Black artisan, smokey relegendables, smokey led keys.

Mike, post that photo of the sample caps you’ve got on discord

These look awesome


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