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Ducky One 3 - any good?


Anyone tried Ducky One 3?
Any good?
I just want simple TKL, ideally with hot-swap - simple built keyboard, just so I can throw my switches on it and have a nice base for swapping keycaps :)

You can't go wrong with Ducky. Especially if you are a beginner. Others may disagree and say oh you should be buying other boards from group buys but if you plan on using a reliable board for the long term, then Ducky is good

If you can find it for under retail, then it should be a fine option if you are looking for a simple hotswap tkl for like experimenting. There is stuff coming up like the cycle 8 that's more expensive, but is alu and fills that role you want. But ducky should be fine. I would personally try to find something with via, like the ncr80 which has it, or milmax something else, But if you like the layout to begin with then it should be fine as well.

The Ducky One 2 and similar models at the time had great MX Browns when they launched.

At the time of their construction, they were benefiting from fresh Hyperglide tooling.

Anyone know if the One 3 has good batches?


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