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KMAC with Red Alert set from sixty

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Great choice in color reaper.


--- Quote from: ekw808;560621 ---Where do i get one O_O
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: whiskerBox;560622 ---So jealous Reaper!
--- End quote ---

They just started selling the ones with mismatched color frames here.  Find a proxy in Korea to see whether you can get one or not.  If not, I've read that us and DT "might be" included in the next group buy...  keep your fingers crossed.

Whisker, you should know this since you posted there a couple times now. =P

did you see the 456?

150 sets sold in minutes O.O

And welcome to The Korean Custom Keyboard Club!

Beautiful keyboard. Bummer it has blacks.


--- Quote from: snowboarder3;560662 ---Beautiful keyboard. Bummer it has blacks.
--- End quote ---

Blacks with 50g springs aren't blacks.


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