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[IC] Sindarin (elven) set - Group Buy Coming on 14-Dec-2012

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It's a long time that I'm toying with the idea of an elf keyset. It would be based on Tolkien's Sindarin or Quenya.

The following is a Quenya example:

Quenya is sharper, Sindarin is rounder, but they are very close.

We have a pretty extensive dictionary of elven words, so it might be possible to write most the modifier keys. (Eg: Control = tortho). For the words we don't have a translation we might choose the closer alternative (we will have to be creative here).

Also the numbers are pretty nice:

Do you keyboard gurus think that something like this would be feasible? There would be interest in a Sindarin keyboard?

If it were to be done through Signature Plastics we would be held up by the $45 per key fee, to make the mold.  If we had trouble raising money for a Cherry replica font,  this would be even more difficult.  Lol.   That said, you could look into dye sublimation.  There have been a few group buys for them recently, and i believe Imsto can do custom legends if the order is big enough.  Me being the geek that I am,  I would probably purchase a set.

I believe dye sub would be the only way. to make a double shot we would need an incredibly high order.

colors of course need to be in the green/beige/brown/orange/grey range. I'll do some tests if there's interest.

Legend could also be with double notation (sindarin+ansi).

I was hoping for Sindarin + Klingon :)

well, Aurek-Besh would also be nice... :) maybe next time


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