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[IC] GirlDC's Darth Vader keycap - closed.(update 14,Dec)

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Choi Young Gyoo:

Updated 14,Dec,2012

I sent last 2 Vader caps to buyers

So sorry for late shipping
All vader caps shipped.
Thanks to buyers.
Updated 18,Nov,2012

I got Vader Caps on 17,Nov
and reserved EMS done today
Postman will pick up caps on 19, Nov
EMS Expected Delivery date - one week
one chose priority mail type.   maybe 10-15 days
After Shipping, EMS tracking code will be sent via e-mail.
Updated 12,Nov,2012

GirlDC makes ordered vader caps.
In this week, I could send them to buyers.

Please wait more days....


Updated 26,Oct,2012
GirlDC got some base material with cheap price.
so he could sell discounted rates with small IC
Invoice will be sent on Next Monday.
GirlDC's new cap is released..
Darth Vader Keycap - specially necklace, cloak designed...

Darth vader's factory price is so high.

Because much payment for vader's 3d modeling, large size, more complex making process, etc....
now you can order it with normal price... at red-line site...
(now black color - $180 / silver & gold - $160 at red-line site_)
only cherry mx type available................
but too higher price than others,
if over 30 MOQ IC checked, GirlDC can decrease retail price
He thinks black - $160 / silver & gold - $145.................
retail price and more fast get it    vs. decreased price and somedays later get it....
I'll use red-line order form for convenience
....and just last box (Do U have a Question?)
Please fill  "GH IC"


Not knocking GirlDCs work at all but the head just seems a bit too big.

So I'm confused.  Was the google form that we filled out invalid or just an interest check (since I know of no one that's received an invoice) or is this going to be a second round of caps?

This is a Topre right?


--- Quote from: Choi Young Gyoo on Thu, 18 October 2012, 00:32:06 --- 
only cherry mx type available................

--- End quote ---


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