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[IC] Keyboard Storage Box Group Buy for the Greater Seattle area

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Original thread here:

boxes will be purchased from here:

$37.20 for 50 boxes.  Shipping estimate is $28.59.  Total for 50 boxes shipped is $65.79.  About $1.32 each.  For 100 boxes, it will be about $1.18 each.  Pretty good deal as long as we don't need to re-ship.  That is why I am soliciting only GH members who are in the great Seattle area.  Please post here if you are interested and how many you would buy. 

And of course, we will have to have another keyboard meet up so we can distribute the boxes :-)

BTW, this IC is for real, unlike the last one I started :-)


reserved one more.

Need to do a Bay area one of these.  GLWIC.

What if we're alright with paying for shipping the boxes?


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