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Hi guys, this is my first review so yeah...

My parents got me this keyboard for my 15th birthday - apparently they got it 4 weeks ago (a week before I mentioned about getting the Filco Majestouch 2 w/ WASD modified keycaps.

Ok, first off, looks: This keyboard actually looks sleek with the tall caps (not slim like so many other rubber dome gaming keyboards). The LEDS, although only limited between red, purple, blue and black varients look rather nice overal with 3 buttons to change to set colours from the program you need to download - also nice and easy to use. And with only one obvious branding logo on the keyboard (excluding the engraved logitech logo on the wrist rest) it's a very clean looking board.

Functionality: The wrist rest was a bit of a pain to attach, until I found out one of the clips wasn't attaching properly causing it to fall off when I placed it down. The keys are rather soft for a rubber dome and was unexpected at this. Keycaps are non-glary and a balance between smooth and grippy. As like most keyboards, the keys are positioned differently, mostly because of the G-keys which I keep pressing and making the windows fullscreen as that seems to be the default. Currently I press 'a' instead of 's' - quite annoying while typing this :P

The font used on the keycaps are easy to read and don't look ugly *cough*.

My only problem so far is the two ctrl keycaps are oddly shaped and the area in which I normal press the key just happens to not exist, as there is a corner cut off. The spacebar also seems to be making a sqeaking noise now.

Typing: Once I get around to working on one of my sites.

Gaming: Soon, whenever I manage to fit a quick session of something today. :)

Now for some lovely pictures of the keyboard.

The box.

Keys lit up blue - faint colours because it was taken with me blocking the light on the keyboard ;)

The 12 G-keys with the oddly shapped ctrl key.

Overal look of keyboard - minus the numberpad which got cut off :(

...and the numberpad with volume control.

My current workstation as of now with my trusty keyboard that's lasted me a good few several million key presses above. (Graphics tablet out of shot)

I used a G110 until I got my first mechanical keyboard. The G110 is definitely a higher quality rubber dome keyboard. The backlighting on it was soft and subtle, and the media keys were useful. However, as I don't game much anymore like I used to, I found the G keys quite useless.

For a rubber dome keyboard, it's great :)

I still remember my funny days playing bad company 2 with G110.
Bind Gkeys with like ... pull out ammo box, toss, change back to primary weapons. Bind messages like "give me &^% medic!!" or something. Even toggle crouch button? (didn't remember why).
And it's backlit, Gkeys, headphone jack are very helpful in my office too :)

Great review!

love the macro keys


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