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I'm gonna blame xsphat for this

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A few weeks ago I discovered geekhack when looking for a new keyboard to replace yet another broken one. After reading a bunch it seemed like the best choice would be a Modular Mac with blue cherries.

All set to order and then came across this from xsphat. Like waving a red flag in front of a bull.....

Heres the Scorpius with the AAK

the pcb after the cuts

a little bit of wiring to get it back together

kinda together, but not really adjustable anymore

and finally with the Scorpius keys back on

Now I'm left with a couple of problems. First the keys feel flimsy. Not surprising as the plastic is paper thin. The Apple keys are more robust, but they use a different mounting. They could be modified, I'm not sure I'm that ambitious. Any reasonably cheap way to get better keycaps?

Second the Apple had oversized keys along the left and bottom perimeter. Any ideas on filling in the gap?

Third, the keys sit higher than the original. The bother here is the factory issue wrist rests are now to low. Does anyone have a recommended replacement for a split board?

holy crap, nice job.

way to go. How many labor hours did it take to do this?

Well then you're welcome for the inspiration.

Impressive mod, to say the least.

Very nice job, looks very polished.  How long did this take?


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