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Custom Pre-Built Soarer's Converters and Teensy USB Cables Molded for Model M's

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Hi Orihalcon!

   I just received the two SDL->USB converters I ordered through ebay a few days ago and they work like a charm on my IBM M4-1 keyboards. Thanks!

I have a question regarding this sentence:

--- Quote from: orihalcon on Tue, 14 April 2015, 17:35:34 ---The firmware can't be changed due to there not being hardware reset button or pins accessible on them, which is the only downside, but at this point Soarer's Firmware doesn't have significant known bugs, so I am not sure that there will be any future updates further down the road.

--- End quote ---

But wouldn't it be possible to launch the teensy bootloader using 'scboot' and then flash another firmware with the Teensy Loader utility?

I've done the test of issuing 'scboot' and using the command './teensy_loader_cli --mcu=atmega32u4 -b -v' to see if the integrated controller responds to the teensy protocol and it seems to work. I haven't tried writing anything to it because I don't know which firmware file I should write to it to restore it to its current state and I don't want to mess the converter, but if you pointed me to the firmware file you're using (is it Soarer_Controller_v1.20_beta4_atmega32u4.hex?), I might give it a try.

Sorry, posted by mistake

its a shame those cables are not for sale any more


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