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I've personally never had a single issue with him but even I can't defend him anymore, the verdict should be pretty obvious.


--- Quote from: joey on Wed, 20 July 2016, 06:11:22 ---
--- Quote from: rowdy on Wed, 20 July 2016, 06:00:37 ---GON was last active today.

--- End quote ---

He hasn't posted since jan 2015.

--- End quote ---

When I say "last active", I'm simply referring to the text on the profile page.  According to that he was "last active" today.

My experience:  Ordered a preassembled board Dec 2014, the tally was about 500$.  Still haven't received anything.  Last reply from him was the 9th of March 2015, which was a reply to a post from the 7th of January 2015.  Since then I've sent him 10 emails no reply.  I've tried to contact him over some form on his website and via skype, nothing.  Since then I've tried asking him to just send me the parts with no assemble but no reply.  I've even said that I'd like to cancel the order and get a refund but no reply. 

Edit: and of course he asked me to send the payment as gift, so I couldn't do anything.  It never ocurred to me that this would happen as his reputation seemed to be good at the time of purchase. 

2 years ago, when I first started getting knowledge of keyboards, I ordered a fully assembled GON keyboard, 75% size.

Today, I do not necessarily think I will find use of this keyboard - non-the-less - I would still very much like to receive it. Or even better, get my money back.

I miss everything of it, and I submitted my order 2 years ago.

I have been unable to get in contact - not a single response - for over a year. This includes hundreds of emails, phone calls and other attempts.

Ordered a fully assembled nerd60 in Oct. 2015*.

I have sent a few emails regarding status. Only response was in May; no definitive completion time-frame was given.

I recently inquired about adjusting the layout. Hoping to receive a response.

Edit: corrected year


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