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Topre Dome Replacements (Complete? Wasn't a GB tho.)

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BKE Dome Tutorial
Please read thoroughly.

What People are saying!

--- Quote from: dangboy on Sat, 25 November 2017, 12:51:39 ---!!! Ohhhh bboooyy!! Got my heavy domes installed in HHKB... bajeesus. Whoever compared these to breakin off pieces of a Hershey bar was absolutely spot on. The crisp. The Thock.

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--- Quote from: oliver_higgenbottom on Mon, 27 November 2017, 15:07:00 ---I've been typing on the heavies for a few days now. My biggest complaint is that they totally ruined stock topre switches for me. I left one 55g dome in on my f12 key - it pretty much feels linear in comparison to the new domes.

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--- Quote from: a_ak57 on Tue, 28 November 2017, 08:52:50 ---Mine arrived yesterday, didn't have the chance to actually swap them into a board but I did have a loose 45g dome to compare them with, and these things really do live up to the bubblewrap/hershey bar comparisons.  Now my only problem is that I want to get a ton of them to swap all my boards, though I will have to test out whether I like the heavy or light more.

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--- Quote ---Just got my BKE Redux Dome Replacements from Keyclack, the feeling is just heavenly <3
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--- Quote from: totallycaked on Tue, 28 November 2017, 14:53:29 ---Got my heavies this morning. I haven't installed them yet because I'm still waiting on a few things for my novatouch rebuild, but just sitting here comparing the tactility to the 45g topre domes is like night and day. I think what others have said is true: this will ruin standard topre domes for you, the BKE domes feel so much more comfortable and like 400% more tactile. They're spectacular. I wish I went with the 110 pack now :D

I'm so eager to get these installed... HURRY UP JTK TOXIC!

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--- Quote ---I completely agree with the community's consensus, these are leaps and bounds more tactile than stock domes. The hershey's bar analogy is really apt. I have another fc660c with stock domes, and it feels totally mushy in comparison. I'm going to have to do another domeswap for my RF now, too.
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--- Quote ---Before this, I thought stock topre and MX Clears were tactile, but the snappiness of these domes completely **** on every switch I've ever tried. The best way I can describe them is comparing them to the feeling of popping bubble wrap. Who doesn't like bubble wrap? That **** is amazing, and these domes are just as amazing
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--- Quote ---I've been typing nonstop this past weekend and I have to say that I am quite impressed with these. THEY ARE SO DAMN SNAPPY AND TACTILE. They are everything that I wanted and more! This is my first review on this subreddit.
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--- Quote ---The tactile bump on these is satisfyingly strong. Very snappy so it needs to be silenced. Other than that I am a happy camper
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--- Quote ---Friends. I must say this mod is amazing. Much tactile such bounce. I only installed them on the modifiers for now. OMG the space bar definitely needed this!
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Sound Tests!

MoreTopre Domes Samples (5 light, 5 heavy)- $10
Topre Domes Light - 25 units - $18
Topre Domes Light - 70 units - $50
Topre Domes Light - 110 units - $66
Topre Domes Heavy - 25 units - $18
Topre Domes Heavy - 70 units - $50
Topre Domes Heavy - 110 units - $66

Interest Check
Old Stuff
MoreI recently acquired a Novatouch & Realforce 87U beige (thanks Apolotary) and after a lot of back n forth, I personally prefer the 45G, but I like the RF more feel more overall. I'd love to get something more heavy than 45g, but can't handle 55g.

So I'm going to try to undergo a project, and hopefully I'll see some support. I've already done some of the legwork so we'll see how to go forward.

The Goal

The goal is to produce a spring that, when placed between the housing and the keycap of a 45g topre board, will mimic the feel of a 55g board. (ghetto domeswap)

My Focus

My focus is on quality, and that's why I'm working to make the first batch in USA first, then making it in China.

Why do this?

cheap heavier switches.  aka the ghetto dome swap

heavier than 55g switches for those of you with fingers that flex

replace lost spacebar springs

Here's what I have.

1) Topre Spacebar uses approximately 40g to compress (nickel test)

2) Approximate weight of the spring should be 10g or so to get a ghetto 55g actuation force.

Here's a nice chart made by for reference.

3) I found some local spring factories in SoCal that I will be working with on top of my Mechanical Engineer friend to work on this design of the spring. After we finalize the design and produce the initial batch here in Los Angeles, we will be moving forwarding with a production with a spring factory in Hong Kong.

What's the next step?

Well I've done some research, but even with that, nothing has been pushed on my end :P

I will be going to the SoCal factory this week and measuring the NT & RF. I'll be measuring force curve & the compression of the springs with keycaps on and off.

A likely asked question

Why don't I just buy the ones off taobao from Topre clones?

AFAIK, those don't fit properly in Topre boards, but you can correct me if I'm wrong.

I lost my space bar spring and springs I got off taobao only fit on the topre clones. It's finally going to happen. Ghetto 55g swaps incoming!

Oh and the taobao springs for the rc930 and the likes doesn't fit around the little lip of the topre housing so the spring crunches.

Definitely a cool idea, if it works out at the end I'll maybe buy some to test them out.
Are you still working on the MX springs or was that plan dropped?

Cool idea.

I use two springs on my Realforce spacebar, so having different weights would be great to offer. Something like 10g, 20g, and 40g?


--- Quote from: xondat on Sat, 20 August 2016, 15:29:50 ---Cool idea.

I use two springs on my Realforce spacebar, so having different weights would be great to offer. Something like 10g, 20g, and 40g?

--- End quote ---

Different weights are definitely the way to go. I'd personally want to try a 52g topre.

--- Quote from: kawasaki161 on Sat, 20 August 2016, 15:28:04 ---Definitely a cool idea, if it works out at the end I'll maybe buy some to test them out.
Are you still working on the MX springs or was that plan dropped?

--- End quote ---

MX is in the back burner right now and was going to get canceled with spirits GB but it looks like I might have to manufacture that.

For now,  focused more on topre since it's something I'd personally like to have more :)


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