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Please check here for all updates -

Artisan Giveaway

A HUGE shoutout to cozmosis & zorberema_ who have donated some of the artisans for this giveaway. They each made some special colorways and designs for Hydro and I'm very thankful that they spent the time making these specially for Hydro.

So here is what we have!

1 Winner will receive a full set of HHKB Hydro Camo Mods by /u/cozmosis.  Only 2 of this will ever be made.

9 Winners will receive a Hydro themed Entling courtesy of /u/zorberema_ . Only 10 of these will ever be made. 1 of these will be given away in the China/Singapore GB.

How to participate

To participate, you will have to be part of the Hydro launch. You just have to have purchased 1 base or 1 novelty set. All previous orders are valid.

Each person only has 1 chance of winning with their order. They will be randomly selected and you won't know who won until you receive Hydro :).

Current Orders - Sept 29 9:20PM PST

Base - 180 + 40 (keyclack stock)= 220
Novelties - 75 + 20 (keyclack stock)= 95
Spacebar - 73 + 20 (keyclack stock) = 93

We're Live -

If you're in China/Singapore, please join Here -

If you are in EU, please select "EU Keyset Shipped from Belgium" to save on VAT. These will be shipped by kingnestea

It's finally here. Lets make a splash with GMK Hydro.

Original IC -

Overview -
Keyset -
Stickers -
Cables -

Base Set

* 150 units - $150
* 250 units - $140
* 500 units - $130

* Novelties - 17 keys
* 150 units - $50
* 250 units - $42
3pc Spacebar

* 150 - $12

* $6 +$2/item ConUS in a box for the trays, taxes if applicable.
* $16 + $4/item International in a box for the trays, taxes if applicable.
* If you’re in China/Singapore, /u/kingnestea [+1] will be running the international GB.
Group Buy Details

* 3 Kits total. Base Kit. Novelty Kit. N5 Spacebar Kit.
* Expected ship date? Somewhere in January.
* Pricing: TBD. There will be 2 drop points for the base + 1 drop point for the novelty.
* Extras will be purchased at a flat $35 mark up from its drop point. I intend on including both novelties + base key in each sale. The novelties are the spirit of this set IMO, and I hope you find that to be true. Number of extras TBD, but honestly not that many. No N5 spacebar will be included.Keyset Details

* 172 Keys total
* Supports: Standard ANSI, ISO, 1800, WKL, HHKB, FC660M, standard 75%, & more.
* Includes: 6u, 6.25u, 7u spacebars, Bars & Scoops for F & J, 2x 1u + 2x 1.25u Classic Windows keys.
* Colors: Blue Mods (N5) + N9 (grey) Legend
* Colors: Alphas (GR1) + V4 (dark blue) Legend
* Colors: Mods (N9) + GR1 (white) Legend
* Novelty Pack Colors: N5 + N9 legend. & BR1 + GR1 legend.Extra Questions

* Can I order more than 1 set? Yes, but if it's notably high amount, you may be flagged for potential market flipper and I will cancel your order.
* Can I order 1 base + 2 novelty? Yes.
* I want to organize a GB for my country / local mech community. I have a GB setup for China destination so you get it without mailing issues.
* Trays or Bags? Pricing includes trays for all sets.
* Who will sort it? GMK
* How do I get stickers? They come with every set included. I.E. Base + Novelty = 2 stickers.
* Will there be extra stickers? Yeah. You can order extra stickers.
* How can you handle this GB? If it gets out of hand within the first 3 days, I'll hire someone to help me finish it. I don't intend to fail.
* Will there be a R2? Yes. Possibly GMK, but possibly SP DSA.
* When will R2 be? When I see a consistent unsatisfactory after market value.


Die Cut Stickers

Additional Stickers Available for $3.

3" x 2.5"

3" x 3"

Possible Cables

Glacier with Clear Techflex & White heatshrink. 10FT, all coiled, with 40 inches straight after the coil.

4FT with Grey Heatshrink


If I needed a Keyset I'd totally be down for this.

Could the space bars kit be purchased individually? If so, how much is its international shipping cost?

Are novelites silk printing or doubleshot?


--- Quote from: ideus on Mon, 19 September 2016, 08:06:02 ---Could the space bars kit be purchased individually? If so, how much is its international shipping cost?

--- End quote ---

Should be $8 international shipping insured.

--- Quote from: berry3000 on Mon, 19 September 2016, 08:08:39 ---Are novelites silk printing or doubleshot?

--- End quote ---

Doubleshot. Ain't no body want that silk (or pad) printing.


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