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[GB] XDA Milestone - Complete

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Hey everyone,

Please go here for updates -

MoreWe just started the GB for XDA but just wanted to share that it is live here as well.

Order Link -


These prices are in USD and don't include shipping cost. Pricing it the same for kits in different colors.

19   Black-Alpha
28   Black-Force Awakens
28   Black-Oct Revolution
28   Black-Middle Earth
30   Black-Sakura
27   Black-River Civilization
27   Black-Tomb of Tal Rasha
9   Black-Extra Homing
15   Black-Modifer
21   Black-Modifier Plus
14   Black-Modifier Plus+
18   Black-XD Arsenal
16   Black-Small Engine
10   Black-Function
10   Black-TKL
15   Black-Calculator
20   Black-German Chariot
16   Black-Uk-ISO
30   Black-International
16   Black-Mac
16   Black-Windows

11    Golden Times
12   Lotus
17   Icon
17   Mr President RGB 8 Key
20   Mr President Modifer

6      Spacebars


$20.00 USA USPS Flat rate, but there's a slightly cheaper option if you don't get many kits.

$30.00 International USPS Medium Flat rate, but there's a slightly cheaper option if you don't get many kits.

Photos of Sample Caps

Full album -


* Dye Sublimated
* Made by Mz, maker of the ZZ96

* Over 100 kits offered
* Made sure to get spacebars
* Kits come as pictured in the product description. No alterations can be made.

* Nov 13 GB Opens
* Nov 30 GB Ends
* End of February/Early March Caps Arrives at Keyclack
* Mid March All orders go out.


* New keycap profile
* Quality concerns

Amazing international support, this looks really great!

Great to see a new "face" in the keycap profile game ;)

Definitely in for a few kits. My Planck needs a fresh face and Force Awakens, Middle Earth, Tal Rasha's and Small Engine are calling my name.

will there be an otion for the 1.75 space bar for those of us using the JD45s? I see it as an option on the Tao Bao store

Middle earth and ergo ordered. I don't particularly like LOTR but this looks good :)


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