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--- Quote from: acridAxid on Sat, 14 December 2019, 18:53:30 ---I sent email saying I was going to be in the area soon and would be happy to give a hand sorting out the mess on my own time with no strings attached, but no response.  I think it's a lost cause.

--- End quote ---

It's been a lost cause for over a year. Persona non grata in my eyes.

Docter Kille:
Pretty messed up that he hasn't just issued a refund if he isn't going to deliver, especially after her ran other group buys at the same time...

He did; some of declined because we started getting responses.  It appeared that an inventory was taken and we were sent a form allowing us to modify/append to our orders based on what stock existed.

I think this is a situation where there is some kind of motivation problem preventing the GB from being completed.  I know people get into these situations with good intentions when the complexity of running a GB sets in, and sometimes real life is enough to bowl you over.  My offer to help sort through the stock, prep and pack orders for shipment still stands.

Docter Kille:
Honestly I'd be down to help if he's local cause I just want my caps at this point lol.


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