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[IC] DSA Bounty Hunter (NOW AVAILABLE)

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This set is now available on my site:


Update 7/15/17

I've received a couple production samples for the green modifiers. One with gray legend and one with maroon. In the render the maroon legend on green cap gets washed out. However, with these caps in hand, the maroon legends look pretty good IMO. I think I'll do a smallish run of 50 sets.

Update 6/24/17

I have ordered a couple production samples: Green with maroon legends, and green with gray legends. They're expensive as #$%^ but I think it's better safe than sorry. I really think the maroon will look good but this should settle it.

Update 6/20/17

I decided the scope of this set was getting too big and lost sight of my original goal. So, sadly, mandalorian alphas and the novelty keys are going away. I'm just going to do a small run and hope I can sell them. Probably 100 or less. The number ordered will largely depned on the results of this poll:    So, please take just a minute and cast a vote. It's only 1 question.

I'm pretty disappointed about scaling it back. I was getting pretty pumped about it. I just don't have the time and resources to get it done right.


I would like to produce another set specifically directed at the smaller non standard boards (40/45%).

Please give your opinions about DSA Bounty Hunter. Thanks!

Potential Novelties:

Grey Modifier Legends:

Yellow Modifier Legends:

Black Modifier Legends:


I really like the vibe of this :)

Make 40% the standard kit, but also add other kits so 60%, tkl, full-size and other footprints are supported too.

I'm imagining this set on my m65-a with split spacebar and I like the thought a lot ;)

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I love the colorway! It would be an instant buy for me if you swapped out the alphas for Mandalorian

Edit: sorry for the crappy photo link, click the above link  :(

i agree 100% that would be awesome. although, I don't think I can afford to pay for for all those molds! Double shot and all.


--- Quote from: deeoh on Mon, 12 June 2017, 13:34:02 ---I love the colorway! It would be an instant buy for me if you swapped out the alphas for Mandalorian

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--- End quote ---
Oooh, I like that idea :)

Either pure or double legend.

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