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Return of v1 zealios?

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Like Coca-Cola Classic. Would be cool marketing. :)


--- Quote from: Findecanor on Sat, 19 January 2019, 11:52:32 ---KBDFans does not specify which version they have, only which "round" it is.
... and they do not have Zilents.

--- End quote ---

Zealio V2s arent distributed in "rounds" (at least not yet). Of course it never hurts to ask them which one is which.

I also do not like the new version.  I have all the weightings in v1 and like them all (62 the least), but I don't like the hugh sharp bump in the new V2s :(

I do find the Kailh non-box browns (white bottom from Novelkeys) as well a Holy Pandas lubed are close to the old zealios in terms of bump size/feel.  That is to say, I like zealios and I like those switches as well.  The Yok switches with lubed Halo sliders also feel nice.  Less tactile but nice

Originative Mod L/M/S/SH are probably the closest thing you'll get to a Zealio V1 nowadays. You end up with a stock Gateron housing instead of the fancy Zealio housing, but I think the Mod stock springs are better. Also an MX Clear with the right spring can kinda sorta feel like a V1 Zealio. I should try some Mod-V1-V2 part swaps to see if there are any good frankenswitches to be made here. Or maybe swap in some opaque tops from silent Gaterons, or one of the milky tops...

But it would be really nice to see the V1 Zealio return with the improved stability and smoothness of the V2.

+1 for the return of the old zealios. Just got v2's and am considering returning them. It is quite the bait and switch. They should have named them something different.


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