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« on: Fri, 10 July 2020, 19:02:12 »
IC Has been removed due to death threats. if you really have so much time to track down someones email and discord and screenshots you must really have no life. Go outside and plant trees or something.
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:blank: l-lewd, but glwic.
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I'd like to see more fleshed out IC.

This seems like you rushed through the entire process as you mentioned:
board designed and done in 2 days

Some more recent examples of well fleshed out ICs would be Sagittarius, or Type K. Both being ergo/alice-like as well.

With that being said, GLWIC.

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My favorite feature is the lack of a USB port

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I can really appreciate them curves :D

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Have you considered using screws?
Have you added any manufacturing tolerances???

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Obsessed with 60%TKLs

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This says a lot about OP and this IC...


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My favorite feature is the lack of a USB port

This says a lot about OP and this IC...

(Attachment Link)

Guess op's an idiot

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(credits to Kokaloo)

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There's so much to love about this IC I don't know where to begin... there's the:
Screwless design
Portless design
Rushed design
Complete disregard for machinability

Good luck with IC, you'll need it.  :confused:

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Definitely interested in!!! Are you planning on capability of current Alice layout PCBs or designing your own PCB?

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:O you beat me to using the keyboard name Bongalice lol

Def has the (   ͡ ͜ʖ ͡) feels

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Well, I was going to write another comment too, but tbh you already basically said everything that needs to be said👑
There's so much to love about this IC I don't know where to begin... there's the:
Screwless design
Portless design
Rushed design
Complete disregard for machinability

Good luck with IC, you'll need it.  :confused:

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Obligatory Pasta:

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GL w/ IC
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truly an exceptional exercise in modern design. keep up the spectacular work, I especially love the masterful renders made in fusion. :blank:
ahaaaa, keyboard. HOVA

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Really not my thing. Even with big bezels/curves, I feel like that this can be more elegant, hope you'll figure out a way to make it a bit better.
GLWIC :thumb:

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Looks like ****. GLWIC

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You couldn't have thought a more original board? Seems like to me you took an existing file and just made the bezels thicker and rounded corners. Please go learn how to design a board first before more **** comes outta your brain.

Lol. Wtf? I agree that the board isn't to everyone's taste but the Kokua is just a derived copy of the OSA which is a derived copy of the TGR Alice. Maybe learn some manners first you degenerate.

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this design and ic absolutely needed more time and effort to be taken seriously, but why op received some very rude and insulting responses and apparently death threats is beyond me. there are at least one or two ic's a week that are basic and low-effort that rarely even elicit constructive criticism, so the amount of hate op is getting is both confusing and extremely disappointing.

op, i hope you do stick around and continue to refine this design or focus on other designs, and that you are able to bring a thoughtful, unique design to ic. obviously you have a desire to create something interesting, keep designing and learning from other well-designed boards and i'm sure you will  :thumb:

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While I understand there may be some issues with a new design, especially from a new designer, an interest check is supposed to be utilized for constructive criticism and to guide a project towards reality. This isn't how we welcome new members or new creators to our community. Be civil to one another. Death threats anywhere, on-site or off are unacceptable and we will take strict action if reported to us.
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what in the world it's a metal rectangle you goddamn children

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Bunch of fresh accounts that are all **** talking op.. Looks like some people might have some kind of vandetta against you.